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Moving is the pits. Between the exhaustive search of finding an appropriate place to a live in a desirable area, fretting over the affordability of housing and the arduous process of packing, it’s an endlessly stressful process. Kasita is a startup looking to alleviate all of these woes, and more, with its small, savvy smart home that can easily be picked up and transported to another location.

Kasita’s cute, cube-like homes can be stacked on top of one another and occupy the space fitting a single-family home. The company hopes that with enough of these Kasita stacks built, it will be a relatively simple and painless process for an individual or family to move their entire house from one stack to another. Forget U-Hauls and begging grocery stores for boxes – Kasita literally enables people to move their entire house, no mess no stress.

Coming in at 208 square feet and with 10-foot ceilings, Kasita is an adorable abode that’s snug, but more than accommodating for the average person. All units come equipped with a washer and dryer, a walk-in shower and a built-in kitchen that hides a slide-out queen sized bed. The company materialized from Dr. Jeff Wilson, also known as Professor Dumpster because of a social experiment he conducted where he lived in, you guessed it, a dumpster for a year. Wilson believes we can live in much more humble environments than the average American household, which comes in at around 2,480 square feet.

“What’s interesting about this is it’s really testing the limits of what you need in a home,” Wilson wrote on the startup’s website. The ultimate goal of Kasita is to solve the urban sustainability crisis by giving people an affordable, mobile and accessible smart home that they can move and fit in tight urban spaces on a whim. And as a smart home, Kasita units boast some pretty tricked out features that might compensate for the decrease in space. The home automatically adjusts the temperature on your arrival and departure, and enables owners to set lighting and music preferences the house can enact at command with nothing more than a vocal cue from you.

Partnering with local businesses and organizations, Kasita is looking to launch its first stack of units in Austin, Texas early next year at a jaw-dropping low price: $600, which is less than half of the market rate for a studio apartment. Units are available for both rent and purchase. Depending on the success of the Austin venture, Kasita hopes to have stacks of its smart homes in 10 cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Stockholm, by 2017.

With a sleek, industrial design, high-tech functionality and built-in mobility, not to mention that low, low cost, Kasita looks like the ideal living space for the minimalist, the on-the-go millennial and anyone in between who can settle for a quirky, quaint living space.

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