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In a move to create the Swiss army knife of the apparel world, Baubax has announced a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign around its line of travel jackets, which are equipped with a whopping 15 built-in special features meant to solve all of your travel related problems, your marital woes, and possibly, world hunger. Those last two have yet to be proven, but this jacket is certainly a dream come true for the frequent traveler, and has an answer for pretty much any travel hassle you can think of.


This jacket has everything: an eye mask, an inflatable neck pillow built in to its hood, gloves, a zipper with a telescoping pen and stylus, a drink pocket and nine other utility pockets built for gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Baubax Jackets are designed to not only be the most functional fashion item on the block, but also retain a stylish, comfortable and lightweight feel so you can look good while traveling good, while also chilling a beverage, catching some zzz’s and writing the next great American novel – all with just your Baubax Jacket!


Lest you think you only have one option, think again. The Baubax Jacket comes in four fashionable utilitarian styles for both men and women. Catching a yacht out for a fishing expedition, or weathering a deliciously cold San Francisco summer? Try Baubax’s windbreaker model. Want to retain an air of professionalism while still being able to sleep at your desk without any extra equipment? The Baubax blazer model is for you. Need an excuse to not feel guilty about wearing sweats out of the house? Baubax’s sweatshirt model, complete with that handy pen and stylus to prove you might have legitimate work to do, is calling your name. And if you just want to look like a Top Gun badass, order that Baubax Bomber Jacket toot sweet!


“I’ve always found traveling cumbersome and harder than it should be – from fumbling around at security, to trying to find a pen for customs forms, to holding a drink when my tray table is occupied by a laptop,” Hiral Sanghavi, co-founder and CEO of the Chicago based startup firm said in a press relelase. Baubax’s mission is simple – creating lifestyle products that will make traveling a breeze, and will make your trip through TSA a lot less hellish. That’s because the built-in pockets will fit everything you would need to remember to take off or out through security – headphones, phone, charger, tablet, wallet, passport and sunglasses.


Baubax Jackets are available for pre-order starting July 7th through September 3rd on Indiegogo. The 15 features rolled into one jacket offered by Baubax are more than a $300 value, but with Baubax, you’re looking at a low, low price of $89: a small price to pay for an all-in-one jacket that will reduce those nightmarish travel horror tales.

Images courtesy of Baubax

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