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Is your barbed wire fence just not cutting it? Is your alarm system too glitchy for its worth? Is your hound useless when released on a suspected intruder? Then you need to upgrade your security system, my friend. And in 2015, what better way to secure your compound than with a drone? A product of Secom, a brand spanking new security drone is ready to launch and keep intruders at bay.

Utilizing some high-definition cameras, the security drone will capture photos and videos of people, vehicles and stupid animals that dare breach your property. But this drone does far more than just act as a surveillance method to deter intruders by photographing their trespassing. This security drone is programmed to automatically chase and tail them to get the clearest of pictures, and to arguably, scare the bejesus out of them.

If your hope is to catch a thief stealing valuable property with this drone, you might want to lower your expectations. The drone is only capable of traveling up to 6 MPH, but that could arguably make the difference between a shoddy police sketch of the culprit and a quality photo. Besides, the drone itself is unavailable for personal use, so unless you’re the chief security officer of Fort Knox or something, this protective gadget is a no-go for you.


But hey, look on the bright side: the drone itself costs a whopping $6,620 and you’ll need to pay $41 a month to keep the security service active. That old Doberman isn’t looking too bad now, is it? Secom is Japan’s largest security company, and their security drone is very much meant for companies that occupy sizeable space to watch over their valuables with the tireless efficiency a drone can provide. Secom has set up a monitoring center where all photos from the drone will be sent, allowing the company to determine whether what these little drones spy is a credible threat or not.

The hope is that the security drone will be able to capture better coverage than static security cameras that are immobile and notorious for their blind spots. Additionally, the drone could help reduce the response time of sending security guards to address a potential threat. Because let’s face it, drones are better than people. Except people can run faster than 6 MPH, so your move drones!

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