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Large, bulky music players are overrated. Sometimes you need something low-key that doesn’t take up half of your living area. As a solution, you could mount speakers in every corner of the room (not recommended for design newbies). If that’s too much work for you, another option would be to pick up a Caruso cabinet, which comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker inside.

The accessory is an accent piece with numerous qualities. It serves as a traditional cabinet that you can use to store plates, collectibles or clothes. Using the box for storage instantly makes it one of the most functional pieces in your home. While this feature is essential, it’s not the highlight of the 39-inch cabinet.


A giveaway that there could be something more behind the mysterious piece is the nostalgic trumpet situated on the left door. This is where the speaker is located. Holding the cabinet up are four long pegs. This should help keep the sound clean, and the vibrations away from nearby furniture. Persistent, deep bass could knock over expensive vases, so the use of pegs is more than welcome here. Furthermore, by having the box propped up, you could store more things under it. There’s enough space for a small shoe rack or a litter box for your trusty feline companion.

The trumpet is made out of ceramic, so it’s probably not a good idea to place the cabinet in an area that gets a lot of traffic like corners and walkways. A great location for the piece is against a wall where the music can fully resonate around the room. It also wouldn’t make sense to point the box at a corner. Miniforms, the Italian furniture company responsible for the cabinet, kept the configuration simple, leaving the owner with plenty of room for additional customization.

“I wanted to design something that gives music back its shape, even now in the digital age. Something with a strong iconic and recognizable appeal. A product that everybody immediately can understand as a cabinet that plays music without even listening to music,” said Paolo Cappello, the Verona-based designer of the piece.


The speaker pairs with most Bluetooth-capable devices out in the market today. To activate the audio features, you’ll have to look for the specific label of the speaker using your smartphone or computer. After selecting the cabinet from the list, you can start pushing music out as long as you’re within close proximity of the coverage area. In addition to track selection, you could also control the volume of the speaker remotely. Without a panel, the living room accessory heavily relies on Bluetooth to power the device.

Individuals who are interested in the upbeat speaker can order one from the company’s website.  Color options for the cabinet include silk gray, dusty gray, black, white, coral pink, pastel blue, natural oak and walnut, while the speaker comes in red, pink, yellow, green and white. There is also a special edition version with a 24K gold-plated trumpet speaker and old 18th-century oak wood for serious music fans and collectors.

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