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Watch out, GoPro! There’s a new action camera on the market, and this one has built-in LTE cell service to enable instantaneous live streaming from the peaks of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest bodies of water. Startup Sioeye has unveiled two versions of its live streaming, cell servicing action camera: the Iris4G Blink and Iris4G 4K. Currently, the Iris4G 4K is available for a price tag of $429, while its little cousin, the Iris4G Blink arrives this October for just $249. The essential difference between the two cameras is – shocking spoiler alert! – the Iris4G 4K can record and stream in 4K, while the Iris4G Blink taps out at 1080p.

Both of Sioeye’s cameras support 3G WCDMA and 4G FDD-LTE cell signals with pre-installed T-Mobile SIM cards equipped with 5GB of free data, allowing for a pretty impressive 10 hours of live streaming. Since Sioeye’s cameras can tap into 4G cell service, they can also serve as cellular hotspots, meaning you can tether these cameras to your laptop for instant editing or uploading purposes, in addition to their live streaming functionality. Users of Sioeye’s cameras can stream to either the startup’s own custom cloud platform, or directly to YouTube or Periscope. Sioeye’s cloud platform is accessible through its app and automatically saves your streams after they’ve stopped broadcasting live.

As action cameras, the Iris4G Blink and Iris4G 4K are built to withstand some pretty rough terrain and harsh environments, making them perfect cameras to document some awesome deep-sea diving, rock climbing or shredding the slopes. The camera’s case is waterproof with an optional external antenna that can help improve the camera’s cell service. Beyond just live streaming, Sioeye’s cameras can capture still photos at 18mp, record in slow motion and perform time-lapse. There are also plastic cases for purchase that will make the cameras both shock and waterproof, though these can drain the battery faster. For those wanting to live stream some awesome footage without risking the safety of their smartphones, Sioeye’s action cameras are a saving grace for all of you extremists out there.

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