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Independence Day 2016 will be more futuristic than ever before. Rather than gazing up at the night sky and marveling at explosive bursts of color and light to celebrate our nation’s birth, drones might be responsible for making you go “ah, ah, ah” as they shoot across the sky-y-y this 4th of July. If a drone light show sounds familiar to you, then it won’t come as any surprise that Intel is the mastermind behind redefining what 4th of July entertainment will become. The tech company has already had massive success with putting on choreographed drone displays and performances, and they’re looking to translate this success into new forms of American holiday spectacle.

Intel has already acquired FAA approval to conduct these elaborate shows with 100 LED equipped drones. Launching this swarm of drones all at once, a single controller will fly and maneuver these drones into intricate formations, complex patterns and breathtaking choreography. All of this will look amazing in the night sky as the LED lights flicker and move with the drones, creating a mesmerizing technologic dance. Unlike fireworks, drones aren’t simply one and done once they go off. The show can last for as long as the battery life and power of the drones, meaning drone shows are a more sustainable entertainment option than fireworks, what with their waste and emissions.


Another benefit of drones replacing fireworks for entertainment purposes is that a drone has functionality and use beyond just a single moment. Once one’s blown through their arsenal of fireworks, the show’s over. Drones make it possible to live up to the old showbiz mantra – the show must go on – due to their reusable and programmable nature, offering a unique show and display each time. Whether people will embrace drone shows like they have fireworks displays remains to be seen, but one of the fundamental American ideals is always looking for the next bigger, better thing. In this instance, that thing is drones. Expect less of a boom and more of a whirring buzz this 4th of July.

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