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Whether you’re interested in renting a drone for a specific shoot, expanding your photo portfolio to include aerial shots, or just want something to take with you on your travels, your friends here at Lumoid have you covered. Renting a drone has never been easier and is a great option if you’re not sure which one you want, if you need it for a shoot or vacation, or don’t have the funds to splurge on buying one just yet. Before you start flying though, we’ve outlined a few things to consider before renting.


Know the Rules and Regulations

As excited as you are to rent a drone and get started flying, make sure you know all the rules and regulations that go into flying a drone in commercial airspace. Safety and responsibility are an absolute must and if you need a refresher on the new FAA rules, check out this article that outlines the different rules for commercial and non-commercial drone flight.

Drones Are Not a Toy

Keep in mind, most drones that come equipped with cameras like the DJI Phantom 4 come with a hefty price tag and therefore are not considered toys. The technology that is built within the drones make it a very capable camera and therefore should also be treated like a prized DSLR.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you take a drone to shoot at your site, make sure to get a few practice runs in a WIDE open field. Learn to get the basics of drone flight down by mastering the controls and understanding the ins and outs of every single button. You don’t want to be taken for surprise if the drone loses connection or gives you a low battery warning. In addition, you will want to learn to fly with precise control just in case you are weaving through a forest or buildings.

Respect Private Property, Pedestrians, and Emergencies

When it comes to flying a drone, you may think the sky is the limit, and literally so. But as regulations get tighter, there are certain zones/areas where you are not permitted to fly. Private property, over pedestrians and emergency scenes are just a few to steer clear of. A practice of good measure is to ask for permission before attempting to fly over uncharted territory.

Read the Owners Manual

The importance of reading the owners manual goes beyond exclamation. The valuable information regarding setup, safety, and troubleshooting are all outlined within the owners manual. Accidents happen and sometimes they are unavoidable, but a majority of the time an issue can be resolved by just reading the owners manual.

Be Courteous

A lot of the times when flying at a public park, you will have the inquisitive pedestrian ask you what you are doing. Take the effort to be kind, as the inquirer usually does not know much about drones and is genuinely interested in what you are doing. Take this opportunity to show off your drone knowledge and how you are following all the rules.

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