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If you have trouble assuming downward facing dog or a myriad of other colorfully named poses, then hope just might be on the horizon. Thanks to Wearable Experiments, a Las Vegas-based wearable technology company that specializes in merging fashion and tech to design products of the future, a pair of tech-infused tights could rescue the novice yogi from complete embarrassment in their first session, or increase the flexibility and workout of even the most seasoned maestro of yoga.

Introducing Nadi, lifestyle and fitness tights that incorporate technology to improve flow and flexibility and boost a wearer’s workout utilizing smartphone technology and haptic vibrations. These wearable (in every sense of the term) tights emit pulses of varying intensity and frequency to turn the wearer’s own skin into a technological interface that course corrects posture and form to perfect one’s flexibility and technique – especially when it comes to yoga. And because nothing makes you feel better than an app pointing out your problem areas, Nadi is Android compatible with a program that will highlight areas of your body that need improvement.

Nadi tights

This app will soon become available to Apple as well so yogis, no matter where they fall on the smartphone spectrum, can get a fulfilling, flexible and flaw-identifying workout thanks to Nadi tights. Beyond just showcasing where you’re failing while striking a pigeon pose, the app will throw you a bone and illustrate how you can correct your posture and form while wearing Nadi, even recommending poses and providing guidance for a better all-around workout. And don’t fret – Nadi seamlessly blends smart tech into the fabric of these tights, so there won’t be any beeps or bloops distracting your meditating classmates as they attempt to achieve their ultimate zen.

“As someone who doesn’t always know the correct form or alignment in poses, I find having that proper guidance is crucial,” said Billie Whitehouse, CEO of Wearable Experiments. “As a lifestyle product, Nadi not only acts as that guide, but also integrates into your everyday life.” So if you’re one of those people that could use some assistance in the how-to-sit-correctly department, Nadi can impart correct posture onto you so you look poised and graceful in all aspects of life, from boardroom to humid-as-hell Bikram yoga room. By changing the ways in which we can interact with ourselves, Nadi is a wearable that could not only step your yoga form up, but also get you closer to being in touch with yourself – all with just a pair of teched out tights.

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