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Talk about a two-for-one! A recently launched Kickstarter known as Zungle Panther is hawking a pair of sunglasses complete with bone-conduction headphone technology. As a pair of wireless headphones, the Zungle sunglasses possess Bluetooth audio playback, built-in audio controls and microphone and even hands-free calling. Bone conduction is used to transmit the audio from the sunglasses into your ears, but without the restriction of in-ear devices that drown out the rest of the outside world. With Zungle, you can walk down the street in style, backed by the beat of your very own soundtrack!


Fans of Oakley shades should find plenty to love in the design and aesthetic of Zungle’s sunglasses. The lenses are comparable to the size of Oakley Frogskins, and Zungle is customizable so that wearers can put any color shade of lens in the frame to accessorize for any occasion. Zungle has up to four hours of music playback before they need to be recharged for an hour. With a price tag of $109, Zungle Panther is practically a steal when you consider you’re getting a savvy, stylish pair of shades that double as a pair of wireless headphones. Order a pair from their Kickstarter page today and prepare to rock out with Zungle when shipments are delivered in November.

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