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Those crusty old TV Guide magazines gathering dust on your grandparents’ coffee table to direct them to where reruns of Matlock will be televised may prove helpful in divulging what’s on any given channel at a time, but remain quite fruitless when it comes to the growing landscape of television shows and movies on streaming platforms. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo are the heavy-hitters when it comes to streaming original television programs these days, and with the success of these programs and ventures, you can expect more to start sprouting up soon.

To help weave your way through the chaotic, tangled interwebs to find out just when and where exactly that great new streaming drama series everyone is raving about is, Yahoo has come to the rescue with The Yahoo Video Guide app. The mobile app is a TV guide for video-streaming services, built to help you find where your favorite shows and movies are currently streaming, or when new, original programming will be available.

Designed to accommodate how drastically the TV landscape has changed and to meet the needs of the current TV viewer, who has a multitude of different options at their disposal to watch and consume content outside of just the television, The Yahoo Video Guide is a one-stop-shop for all the content on every streaming service and platform. “We believe that there’s a rapid shift in people’s time on video, from one box in the home to over a dozen streaming services that are ubiquitous for devices and mobile,” said Robby Stein, senior director for product management at Yahoo.

This standalone app lets users discover shows and movies available on any streaming service, and links with those services and apps on your device so that if you find something you want to watch through the app, tapping on it will open it up in whatever platform or service it’s available in leading to an instantaneous viewing experience. The app works with all major video streaming services and premium subscription services, and also supports the renting or buying of content through Amazon, Apple and Google Play stores. Strangely enough, Yahoo’s own content isn’t included in the app, which just seems like a massive oversight.

If you’re not looking for anything in particular, but are in the market for a new show or movie to watch, the app’s “Mood Picker” feature will narrow down some options for you based on what sentiment they’re likely to elicit. Choose a corresponding emotion GIF and find out whether The Yahoo Video Guide considers Orange Is the New Black a comedy or drama – it’s a hotly debated issue, trust me. A built-in algorithm will prioritize shuffling new content into a recommendation list while factors like popularity and quality will be taken into consideration for the notifications you receive through the app based on what Yahoo thinks you’ll find interesting. Unlike Netflix, the content you choose through the app will not determine future recommendations.

Fear no more about the big and strange new world of TV programming. The Yahoo Video Guide app is here to guide you through the overwhelming amount of content out there to get you binge marathoning your next obsession in no time.

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