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Most of the headphones on the market today excel at a select few things. However, limitations on excellence seem backwards to Doppler Labs, a sound technology firm based in San Francisco. Rather than develop a pair of headphones defined by a select function, Doppler Labs has finally released its flagship product: Here One, which has been dubbed as the world’s first all-in-one wireless listening system. While Doppler Labs doesn’t yet have the name recognition or pedigree of an Audeze in the audio industry, anyone doubting the quality of products Doppler Labs produces need only look at their acclaimed Here Active Listening System to know that this firm is one to be reckoned with.

Here One combines two wireless smart buds with a connected smartphone app that allows for complete wireless control of the buds. These wireless earbuds boast a wealth of features including the ability to stream music wirelessly, take wireless phone calls, reduce outside noises, amplify speech, layer digital audio over environmental sounds and seamless interaction with Siri and Google Now. When synced with the app, Here One can immediately take phone calls and transmit voice commands to your phone. When using them outside or in crowded, noisy environments, Here One will allow you to remove unwanted noises and amplify human speech so you can have a crisp, clear conversation with ease.

Here One

As a pair of quality earbuds, Here One stacks up to many of its competitors. You can seamlessly transform real-world sounds using volume, sound effects and EQ. Here One also boasts layered listening which allows you to control the volume of the audio you wirelessly stream and the ambient sounds around you simultaneously, so you can either focus in on your music and drown out the world, or make it so you’re tuned in to your surroundings. All of these amazing features are backed by a personal listening profile so Here One can automatically customize and know your listening preferences.

“Here One is the first step towards the future of in-ear computing,” Fritz Lanman, executive chairman and co-founder of Doppler Labs, said. “With Here One, we’re optimizing hearing while laying the foundation for future applications that can take full advantage of the unique combination of mics, speakers and CPUs that Here One puts in each ear.” Those interested in getting a pair of Here One wireless earbuds for their cochlea can pre-order a pair for $299 and expect to have them shipped during the holidays, perfect for those looking for a high-tech stocking stuffer.

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