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Layer, a London-based design studio, has a truly remarkable global vision. They’ve created a fashionable, eco-friendly wearable that not only improves our daily habits, but takes the data collected from our everyday choices and uses it to improve the world. How can a tracker take on such a monumental task? Introducing The Worldbeing concept.



Supported by the Carbon Trust (an organization promoting environmental responsibility) and created by Benjamin Hubert, the Worldbeing is a wearable and app that tracks carbon usage. How much carbon did you reduce by taking biking to work? Which of your household appliances uses the most electricity? The Worldbeing wearable is Layer’s attempt at quantifying some of these daily choices and possibly changing the way we live our lives – literally from moment to moment. You can also challenge your buddies to join the effort in reducing carbon emissions by sending them daily eco-friendly challenges through the app.




Layer isn’t solely about improving our lives, but inspiring a global movement to make consumer decisions more environmentally conscious. Drawing on UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) expertise, Layer created a wearable that may enable a “community of like-minded users to inspire a movement and transform the world.” As stated on their website, “Instead of working toward a healthier “me,” Layer’s Worldbeing is envisioned as an environmental health tool for the global “we.” As a bonus, it’s modern design also makes it appealing to the fashion conscious.

“The Worldbeing concept is pioneering an innovative technological approach to make reducing your personal carbon footprint both engaging and social. This app has the potential to increase understanding and stimulate action by intuitively communicating and linking our daily activities and decisions to their impacts on the climate,” Aleyn Smith-Gillespie, associate director of Carbon Trust, said. To help support The Worldbeing wearable, you can pledge support on their Thunderclap page. For more information on Layer, check out the Layer website or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

All images courtesy of Layer.

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