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Is there a room in your home that desperately needs furniture, but its odd shape or quirky dimensions are too challenging to work with? Maybe you have a small living space and need custom furniture to fit your new dwelling. Whatever your design challenge is, the new Tylko design app could be just the ticket in helping you find answers to your tough layout and design questions. As their motto states, “Don’t just imagine it, see it.”


The Tylko Furniture and Design Story

The Warsaw-based furniture brand Tylko premiered last month at the most renowned design event in Europe: the London Design Festival. The company creates products ranging from shelves and tables to pepper grinders? Think you don’t need a pepper grinder? Just take a look at Tylko’s modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing models, which they also call “Totem Mills,” and tell me you don’t want one.



Tylko’s newest product is an innovative iOS design app that takes a whole new approach to furniture creation. As their website states, “the Tylko app lets you preview your custom piece in your space at its actual size, so you know it will be a perfect fit – wherever you choose to put it. Never ordinary, always risk-free.”


The idea behind the app is a simple one; not only can shoppers customize the look and dimensions of a piece of furniture, but they can actually visualize that furniture in their homes through a multi-platform application. According to Yves Behar, Tylko’s design advisor, “the furniture world hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. You go into a store, bring in measurements, hope that things will fit and look right in your apartment, wait a few months for something to ship from very far away, and you still have very limited amounts of choices.” Through this new app, Tylko has a strong belief that they can change this standard and “evolve from mass production” by giving the customer the ability to be a co-designer of sorts, which cuts out the pesky middleman.

How Does The App Work?

It’s literally as simple as 1-2-3. Imagine you want one of Tylko’s sleek Hub Tables. The company has already designed the basic templates for all it’s products. Through the web or mobile app, you can use a sliding scale legend that adjusts the dimensions for your perfect fit. Everything from style, height, width and depth can be modified to design a piece around your custom needs.


As you adjust the scales to your ideal fit, Tylko’s programming uses “parametric modeling to adjust the design and price in real time.” The best part is you can view how it will look in your home or office through the app’s augmented reality capabilities. Once you’ve settled on the right size and finish, Tylko’s platform sends the specs of your creation off to manufacturer who can craft it for you.

What is Parametric Modeling?

Michał Piasecki, Tylko’s founder and head of Parametric Design, has been using algorithms to “optimize buildings, installations and furniture for years now.” Piasecki passionately explains more about this algorithm and how it opens up a new world of possibilities for designers:

“Usually a product designer creates a 3D model of an object and it’s then translated into 2D drawings and goes into production. Parametric designers deal with a stage prior to that—before a 3D model is created, we write a code, a computer program in fact, which defines the object. Since the parameters are determined by a code, we have endless possibilities of describing the process of drawing a cuboid with code.”


To be clear, Béhar also points out on their website that Tylko’s design model is not a DIY free-for-all. The app has built-in limitations that prevent customers from ordering furniture with any engineering issues. As he states, “all the products offered come from bonafide designers that the company partners with. The integrity of it has to come across. This isn’t just 3-D printing something in some sort of plastic.” To get a deeper look into the Tylko app, you can check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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