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Comfortable seating is difficult to come by these days. Unlike clothes, most chairs and couches at your local furniture store are designed with standard measurements. Because of this, the chances of finding the perfect chair that meets all of your bodily needs and configurations are very slim.

With the goal to provide the most universal seating option for everyone, Keren Shiker, an innovative artist and designer, created the Sink In chair. The iconic living room piece first appeared in Morpholio’s Inside 2015 competition, where it was grew in popularity and was awarded Emerging Talent Public Winner.

Sink In seating two pieces

“We tend to think of great design as either being captured in history in the past or so brilliantly futuristic that we can’t imagine what it will be. The truth is that the most compelling design work right now merges these ideas,” said Elizabeth Giorgi, Tech Writer at Apartment Therapy.

The All-around Seating Solution

The innovative piece is a timely game-changer for the thriving furniture industry. It uses two sturdy, wooden frames for support. A total of 204 long sponges can be found sticking out of the chair.


To make adjustments, users must push and pull the sticks individually. You can set the height from the part you sit down on, to the ground. Arm resting components may also be adjusted based on your preferences. If you don’t feel like using arm rests, simply push the sponges back into the frames. After making the necessary tweaks, the result should be a seat that naturally conforms to your personal shape and size.


According to a recent study by Dauphin HumanDesign Group, sitting in compromising positions for a long period of time is unhealthy:

“If employees who work at workstations in an office or use a computer frequently and regularly adopt static seated postures, this can cause muscular tension and problems associated with the spinal column. It is thus better to adopt the correct seated posture!”

When the chair is not being used, you can store it vertically or horizontally to maximize the space in your home. The mysterious living room accessory may also serve as an accent piece, inviting visitors to build their own ideal seat.

Woman sitting on Sink In chair

It Gets Better the More You Use It

Most chairs (especially ones with thick cushioning) lose their shape and supportive ability over time. This is one of the main reasons people replace such objects. The Sink In addresses this issue using the adjustable mechanics found around the seat. When the piece starts to lose its structure, you can pull out sponges in the area that’s lacking support. Traditional chairs usually require individuals to add separate pillows and cushions, which can be very uncomfortable.


The modern furniture piece is also great for children. Kids need customized seating options that cater to their growth milestones. Buying a new chair every year is not practical. It would also be very frustrating and wasteful. Having one of Shiker’s creations around the home could provide your kid with the vital back support he or she needs throughout the day.


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