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New to electric cars? The Sierra Club has you covered.

With the help of the organization’s guide and online tools, you can find an EV that matches your personal preferences and lifestyle. Because plug-in cars have only surfaced recently, the website takes a very thorough approach into making sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Sierra Club website

The Five-minute Quiz

The best way to jump right into the shortlisting process is through the short quiz. It covers the essential points you’re probably already thinking about, such as price, mileage and seating. There are only six questions to answer. Serious buyers can use the quiz as a way to confirm their own personal research. Those who are still weighing out their options could play with the variables to see the pros and cons of each recommended vehicle.

If you’re not interested in any of the results, scroll all the way down to the Cars Coming Soon section. There you will find information on the release of new EVs, like the Tesla Model X, 2016 Mercedes C-Class Plug-In Hybrid and 2018 Chevrolet Bolt (just to name a few).

It is important to note that the group doesn’t actually sell any of the featured cars in the guide.


In-depth EV Database

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a handful of models, it’s time to go deeper. Selecting an electric vehicle from the guide will take you to its own unique profile. There you will find manufacturing information and average fuel or charging benchmarks. After the list of generic data, the page features tips on suitability, expectations and outlook. This bit is worth looking into, since it’s very hard to find testimonials from EV owners (for now at least).

There is also a section on local incentives that allows you to punch in your zip code for relevant information on fuel and oil savings, car sales, state or local incentives, as well as credits and rebates.

Most of the advice you’ll come across is easy to digest. An example of this is the Myth vs. Reality FAQ. The blog is also a great section to dig into on a regular basis to get a better understanding of the latest industry shifts and trends. Active commenters on the site seem to be passionate about the EV movement, so be sure to sift through the end of each article for additional insights.

EV charging bay

Tips You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

“The electric car market moves at an incredible pace, with several new models coming on to the market each year. This newly updated EV guide sifts through the cars and incentives available to find the perfect match for people’s specific needs,” said Gina Coplon-Newfield, director of Sierra Club’s Electric Vehicles Initiative.

“With significantly lower emissions than traditional vehicles, a switch to electric vehicles helps reduce our dependence on dirty fuels and reduce our carbon footprint. Our newly updated electric vehicle guide not only lets the users pick out the right car for their families, but the right car for the planet, too.”

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