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Let’s talk about sex, baby. The sex-tech realm is definitely part of the growing Internet of Things landscape, and it’s no secret that our sex lives have become more and more digitized and quantified. From hi-tech sex toys, sex apps and games, and even smart vibrators, we’ve come a long way in the sexual revolution. And now, the sex-tech landscape is changing faster than ever. Part of this trend is due in large part to advancements in technology, a free-range Internet, tracking devices and the quantification of information.

However, another key piece of this lightning-fast metamorphosis can be attributed to anonymous online and social media feedback platforms. Now, product users can give “satisfactory” ratings in real-time through systems embedded directly into the apps. Not to mention the obvious fact that all this data capturing is being recorded and used by companies to learn our behaviors, needs and trends for future marketing purposes. In essence, product designers can take every form of this instant feedback, tweak a few things, and whoomp there it is: the best sex toy you’ve ever had, at your door, and with free shipping.


So, what’s trending in this ever-growing technological landscape? Sit back, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and let’s begin the journey of quantified sex apps, games and smart vibrators that are changing the way we think about, talk about and actually have sex.

Love Sparks

The Love Sparks app “gamifies” your sex life, offering “unlockable achievements and tons of Kama Sutra-inspired positions.” It offers creative ideas, from the classic to the outrageous, for quickie encounters, fantasy scenarios and a whole lot more. You can choose positions by complexity and track your progress accordingly. The app is password-protected to keep your intimate details totally private.




This app, also dubbed “teamwork between the sheets,” prides itself on its innovative data that captures your “sexy, sexy” time. Spreadsheets tracks statistics like total thrusts, decibel peak and duration, which the couple later reviews while hoping to achieve badges like the “quick spread” (duration less than three minutes) or the “Lion’s Roar” (in excess of 70 decibels – aka: your neighbors call the cops).

According to Fast Company, Spreadsheets co-creator Tyler Elick explains, “Our phone is our companion. We’re as intimately comfortable with our phones as we are anything else. And so, I guess the question is, why not?”


According to both an Indian University National Survey (2009) of Sexual Health and Behavior and behavior analyzed by FiveThirtyEight, only 7.9% of women ages 25 to 29 masturbate two to three times a week, while 23.4% of men have at it. Breaking it down: women aren’t taking advantage of the many benefits of masturbation as much as they could be.


Enter SmartBod. Designed by Liz Klinger and James Wang, SmartBod is a smart silicone vibrator (linked to an app) that responds to a woman’s physiological reactions and reports shareable data tracking through internal sensors. It learns what you like and then makes suggestions based on those trends. The most important information it gives women, according to the makers of the vibrator, “is that there is a wide range of normality when it comes to self pleasuring – which ultimately helps in destigmatizing female sexuality.”


With the ability to be played on any device (not just mobile), HappyPlayTime takes the stigma out of female masturbation, ultimately helping women to “love their vagina.” Designer Tina Gong uses a sweet little anime-inspired vulva (picture shown below) to guide users through several videogames that educate women about the freeing world of masturbation. Its main goal is self-exploration and awareness of the female body.




Designed by Alexandre Fine, a clinical psychologist, and Janet Lieberman, a mechanical engineer, Eva is a hands-free vibrator with 3 different speeds that provides women clitoral stimulation. The product page states that Eva has “flexible wings that keep the vibrator in place by comfortably tucking under a woman’s labia majora.

Unlike other hands-free vibrators, the woman wears Eva externally, so both partners get to enjoy the “natural” sensations of sex plus lots of additional stimulation for her.” No “disruptive” technology here folks. Last October, the vibrator literally caused an explosion on the Indiegogo campaign site as the product quadrupled its goal of 50K in just a single week after its launch.


New Frontiers In Sex-Tech

The two main sex-tech categories that you may have already seen, learned about or at least heard whispers of are teledildonics and VR (Virtual Reality) porn. Did you really think porn wasn’t going to be part of the sex-tech conversation, or revolution for that matter? Market Watch claims that VR is “the porn industry’s billion-dollar new frontier.” So let’s go there, shall we?


These are electronic sex toys controlled by a computer that enables the actual human user to reach orgasm. One of the more popular products currently available to purchase in this category is the Kiiroo Onyx & Pearl teledildonics set. The Kiiroo device can be connected, via Bluetooth, to your mobile video chat platform creating “intimacy on the go.” Made in Amsterdam, The Onyx  masturbator connects to video chat with Bluetooth and moves in sync with your partner’s actions as they use their toys, to simulate penetration in real-time.

According to their website, “one button controls power and modes, the touch pad allows you to manually control your pleasure and hassle-free updates are pushed to your Onyx each time you plug it in via USB.”


The Pearl is a touch sensitive vibrator used to control pleasure online. As the site explains, “it can be used for both solo pleasure and to deliver remote pleasure to your partner. The capacitive touch technology in Pearl’s surface allows the user to communicate every sensual move, taking their partner’s pleasure into their own hands from anywhere in the world.”

In Deep: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Personal opinions aside, VR Porn is where the future is headed, and for good reason. Users will get a true POV of the action without any distractions. With the invention of teledildonics, VR porn has the ability to be taken to whole knew levels of sight, sound and touch with the haptic technology to create a true 4D experience. You can travel to exotic locations, interact with the local culture and characters and do, well, just about anything your erotic mind dreams up. Some companies have tried their hand in the VR Porn world, but due to programming issues and low-quality outcomes, nothing has truly taken form that is worth the price or product.


Last but not least is a not-too-distant cousin of VR called AR, or Augmented Reality. With VR, you’re submerged into an artificial world, but AR grants you the ability to add digital information to what’s already there. According to Badoink, AR is “similar to VR gear except that instead of goggles the user has an eyeglasses rig that delivers a low-power computer image either onto a tiny transparent screen or, in some prototypes, directly into the eye.”

What does all of this mean? Well, imagine you’d like to enjoy the simulation of your favorite adult star in VR. In AR, they could actually be there, superimposed over your existing reality. Again, you wouldn’t be able to touch them, but the illusion could be pretty damn close to the real thing.

One thing is for sure, this new frontier is looking bright. Stay sexy, my friends.

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