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Picture this: you’re enjoying a radiantly sunny day, lounging in your backyard or by the pool, soaking up some rays and basking in the warm glow of a beautiful day when all of a sudden, you hear a buzz. You lift up your sunglasses and see that a drone has made its way into your paradise, hovering overhead. Well, rather than trying to hurl rocks at this lesser drone, or going to collect your gun to shoot it down from the sky, you could just deploy the superior Robotic Falcon Drone to catch that culprit of ruined days.

Thanks to a team from the Michigan Technological University, that may very well be a weapon in your arsenal soon. Dubbed the Robotic Falcon, this invention is essentially just another drone designed to catch and thwart invading drones from intruding on your privacy, or like, crashing into your head. While it doesn’t really resemble a falcon, it does have the speed, capability and maneuvering you’d expect in any high-quality drone, but with one crucial difference: it’s equipped with a highly accurate net that it can shoot to wrangle up other drones.

The Robotic Falcon has a very practical and sneakily nefarious purpose in mind when dispatching with an invading drone – the net will safely take down this menace and keep in tact, allowing law enforcement officials to investigate and track the device back to its owner in order to deliver some sweet, sweet justice. Once the Robotic Falcon has netted a drone and has it in its clutches, its prey becomes inactive and is carried away by a tether attached to the falcon for dinnertime captivity.

The team found that the net projectile would be the safest and most effective way of taking a drone down. With an impressive range of 40 feet, the Robotic Falcon is a predator that other drones should definitely be afraid of. To witness the Robotic Falcon in all of its glorious, drone netting action, check out the video below.

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