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Look, I could sit here and make a dozen groan-inducing egg puns about how a drone coming out of an egg-like shell is no yolking matter, but that would be egg-ceptionally hokey, don’t you think? Rather than whip and beat you into submission like a frittata, let’s just unscramble all the delicious drone tech that hides inside the PowerEgg, PowerVision’s first attempt at creating a mainstream commercial drone.

For 18 months, PowerVision retooled the technology behind their industrial drones to create the PowerEgg, a quadcopter that folds up into a glossy, egg-like shape to maximize how portable a drone can be. The center of the egg is the nuts and bolts of a functioning quadcopter drone, with the egg design being the light bulb idea about how to make a drone that essentially morphs into its own carrying case for stability purposes. The compact PowerEgg makes carrying a drone around a much simpler task, and with a sleek design, lets owners look cool and mysterious while doing so.

PowerEgg drone

When you’re ready to take to the skies with your PowerEgg drone, the sides split open and unfold into arms and landing gear for the drone’s rotors. The bottom of the PowerEgg opens and out hatches a 4K HD camera with 360-degree panoramic features for long-range video capability, situated to a three-axis gimbal. The camera works with optical flow sensors for indoor navigation as well. Once you’ve had your fill of drone fun, switching off the quadcopter will cause the PowerEgg to fold back in on itself. PowerVision hopes to make the PowerEgg small and light enough to fit inside a backpack, but walking around carrying a smooth, shelled drone would certainly earn you some mystique points.

The sleek design and useful portability aren’t the only improvements to typical commercial drones that PowerVision hopes to introduce with the PowerEgg; the company also claims it will come equipped with a remote control that is intuitive in nature, making it easy to pick up and use for novice drone pilots. Bottom line: PowerVision doesn’t want people to feel like they have to walk around on eggshells when it comes to picking up a drone for the first time (I’m so sorry for that). Expect the PowerEgg to hit dairy aisles retailers sometime this year, and check out the video below to see it in action and understand why PowerVision decided to put all of their eggs into one basket (I promise, I’m done).

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