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The best accessories both complement whatever it is you’re adding them to, and also bring something fresh and new to the table. The Pinout, a handy and versatile accessory built for DSLR cameras, certainly stacks up to those requirements. Acting as a geotagging device for your camera to prevent theft or loss, a remote shutter release and an intervalometer, the Pinout packs a whole bunch into such a miniscule package. To unlock this bounty of features, all photographers have to do is attach the Pinout to their cameras and pair it with an app on their smartphones.

Once you’re all set up, the two features Pinout really revolves around are the remote shutter and GPS functions. The remote shutter will let photographers set an interval of time to execute time-lapse photos, while, of course, letting them trigger their camera from a distance via the Pinout app by using a button or your voice. The Pinout’s built-in GPS capabilities enable precise geotagging for your camera as a measure to prevent loss or theft. The device will alert you when you’re at a significant distance away from your camera, normally indicating it’s been stolen or that you had a brain fart and have no idea where you left it.

As for the intervalometer, don’t count that little guy out. This function complements Pinout’s GPS features to allow for distance-lapse, or triggering your camera by distance travelled rather than a specific time interval. The Pinout has already completed funding from a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign page, but those still interested in that pint-sized and feature packed accessory can still pledge money and pre-order the device. The Basic Kit starts at just $24 and includes the remote shutter and loss prevention features. For $54, the Pro Kit adds time-lapse functionality and geotagging. Finally, the $89 Full Kit includes all of those features plus bulb ramping and HDR. Whatever your needs, you can gussy up your DSLR on the cheap and get some pretty awesome features to boot.

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