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Virtual reality by the Oculus Rift may be a win for the male demographic between 18 and 35, with gaming taking on a whole new meaning, but can anyone else benefit from the innovative wearable technology?

Soon, perhaps everyone. If you are looking for a virtual tour of a restaurant, spa, hotel, home or even dorm room, the Oculus Rift is here to help you out.

Universities are starting to lure students to campus using the virtual reality phenomenon. More are realizing this could be especially useful for students looking to travel far for their schooling, as they can simply feel like they are there by popping on one of these.

YouVisit, a virtual reality platform, has also teamed up with over 1,000 schools to give students this capability and the return has been quite helpful.

college tour virtual reality

The rise of virtual reality is certainly upon us, as Facebook not only bought it for $2 billion, but companies like Samsung and Sony are jumping into the action as well. There is now a built in feature for Samsung owners to take their phone experience to the virtual world. It is compatible with the Galaxy Note 4, S6, or S6 edge. All users need to do is slide it into the headset, and they’re in.

samsung oculus rift

Virtual reality enthusiasts can rejoice, as the Oculus Rift VR headset will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2016. The rift is fully adjustable with integrated audio, a built-in sensor, the Oculus touch feature for VR games and a one-size-fits-all function.

oculus rift

And, while some may report to feel a bit dizzy after their experience, the majority seem to be craving more from Oculus Rift wearable technologies.

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oculus rift twitter reaction

College tours and gaming are just the beginning for Oculus Rift, as there is a growing popularity developing in real estate, general retail stores, spas, restaurants and more. Chuck E. Cheese is even taking a trip down Oculus Rift lane. Perhaps soon the days of reading reviews for restaurants will be second nature, since you will soon be able to tour the eatery yourself.

The possibilities for virtual reality appear to be endless, and the forecasts and trends make it seem like they will carry on this way for a while.

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