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Having trouble sleeping at night? There are tons of apps that can help optimize your nightly rest patterns. Most digital platforms bombard you with complex metrics- information that only makes sense to doctors and specialists.

Now there’s a smart device that not only churns out loads of personalized sleep data, but more importantly, also tells you how to use it.

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“Nana is the only contactless sleep sensor that can give you second-by-second analysis of your heart rate and breathing for highly accurate sleep monitoring,” said founder Mah Chern Wern.

“Nana’s app will provide tailored suggestions for improving sleep, based on your personal sleep patterns. For example, if Nana detects that you take a longer than average time to fall asleep, it might tell you to avoid unnecessary naps in the day.”

Nana sleep monitor app

Data-powered Sleeping Tips

The Nana smart monitor is designed to help you maintain consistent, healthy sleep. A thin ultra-soft mat that fits under the mattress collects information discreetly, during the wee hours of the night. There’s no need to worry about wires or having something stuck on your skin. Highly sensitive sensors detect your heart and breathing rates, which are sent to a small pod next to your bed.

Powerful algorithms process the information and provide you with actionable advice on what you can do to ensure a full night’s rest. Without looking at graphs and figures, you’ll be able to take the most effective approach to quality sleep. For busy individuals, summaries of past sessions are sent via email for future reference.

The subtle approach to sleep monitoring ensures you can properly adjust your environment (dimming the lights, lowering the temperature of the room or turning down the music) in a timely manner. Missing the opportunity to adhere to your body’s natural sleeping patterns could lead to unnecessary tossing and turning, restlessness or insomnia.

Nana sleep device bed babies

It Works on Babies Too

In addition to functioning as a smart monitor for adults, the Nana device serves as an essential tool for understanding your little one’s sleeping habits. Because babies can’t talk, the data collected through the system is extremely valuable. Instead of spending all night testing different soothing methods, parents now have the ability to anticipate their baby’s needs. During this crucial stage, the amount of sleep the little one gets also affects the amount of shut-eye new moms and dads receive. It’s a win-win for both sides.

An alert feature is included in the platform, which sends notifications to a specified list of recipients. This option is useful for real-time monitoring, while doing chores around the house or catching a breather in the next room. For accountability purposes, more than one person can receive alerts.

Where Can I Buy This?

The smart device is up for pre-order on the official website. Pricing starts at $169 for early adopters (originally $249, shipping is free for individuals based in the US, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia). The free app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Shipping for the sleep monitor will begin on October 2015.

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