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Creating content on a smartphone is the new norm for mobile artists and producers. There are several notable accessories for photos, but for videos, add-ons are severely lacking.

Lumenati, a creative community based in Denver, Colorado, hopes to address this issue by offering a new level of support for digital, film-free shooting with the release of the CS1.

According to the brand’s Kickstarter page, this is how the versatile extension can boost the smartphone filmmaking experience:

“The CS1 enhances the iPhone camera by creating the ability to attach lenses for numerous different shots. Additionally, the CS1 enables the addition of filters, handles, microphones, and lights, which greatly enhance the overall quality of the filming experience. Place it onto a tripod for completely steady and beautiful video.” 


Super 8 Camera Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the CS1 is the minimal, vintage design. It looks like a stunning Super 8 camera. You will get glances and sharp stares while using the attachment because there’s nothing like it out in the market today.

“Something about the shape of those old Super 8 cameras just screamed to everybody around, ‘Perform!’” said Alex Bogusky, advisor/investor to Lumenati and co-founder of the CS1. “When you pointed one at somebody, they instantly became animated, and more often than not there’s a natural narrative in these home movies.”

Usability-wise, the core features are incredibly easy to master. To start filming, simply slide your iPhone 6 into the slot (like a film cartridge) and you’re good to go. When you’re ready to start recording, hit the big red button found next to the handle.

Viewing options vary, depending on what you’re comfortable with. There’s the conventional eyepiece (great for demanding, technical shots) and the side panel viewfinder (perfect for general recording sessions). Extensions such as powerful lights, sensitive mics and tight grip handles can be added via cold shoe. The CS1 also allows you to change the lens to meet the immersive requirements of each shot.


Robust Shooting and Editing Interface

For complete control of your recordings, the CS1 app features a tray of selections during the shooting, capturing and editing phases. While filming, you can touch the screen to change focus, filters, exposure rates and frames per second.

Editing features include the addition of basic elements (music, sound and text), adjustment of points in the clip and a time code marker. Sharing capabilities are also available directly from the panel.


Ordering Through Kickstarter

The company’s Kickstarter campaign serves up some very enticing deals for early adopters. The first tier selections have all been taken, but the other packages are still priced below the standard retail value of $249. Starting with the option that is currently available, the Indie package includes a black CS1, .45 wide angle lens and Lumenati lens wipe, for $199.

For specific filming niches, there’s the Blockbuster (designed for personal recordings) and the Sports package, which is ideal for action shots. Both are priced at $275. Lastly, the Supplier is the highest tier reserved for sellers. The $3,200 deal includes 20 units with matching accessories found in the Indie package.

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