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In our technology-driven world, the internet has been a beneficial influence in many genres in emerging and developing nations, including education, the economy and relationships. However, in regards to morality, the internet has taken a turn for the worse, according to a recent Pew Research study. The results also point to a division of its effect on politics.

In emerging and developing nations, none of the countries surveyed believed that the internet has an overall positive effect on morality, while 42 percent say it is a bad influence and 29 percent see it as a good influence.

But, some countries are left out of the internet debate entirely. Across the 32 countries surveyed, computer usage ranged widely in specific areas, with only 3 percent in Uganda and 78 percent in Russia. Younger populations made up the bulk of the age range of overall internet access, including ages 18-34.


Most surveyed in the March-June Pew Research study reported using the internet for mostly socializing, while activities like searching for jobs, etc., were drastically lower. All interviews were conducted face-to-face, with 36,619 people in 32 emerging and developing countries.

The internet’s effect on personal relationships and the economy were some other key aspects that came up in the study. 53 percent of people said the internet’s influence on personal relationships was beneficial, while 52 percent said it was good on the economy.

Politics brought up a much lower stir in regard to the subject, with a median of 36 percent saying it has a positive effect on their country’s political system. Three-in-ten said it was a bad influence.

Those in wealthier countries have more access to the internet, as well as highly educated respondents, generally had an overall positive experience with the internet in all of its facets. They were more positive about its societal influence.

The Pew Research study continues to delve into how different countries were influenced through smart phone usage related to availability and how each country attains their information. They also showed the varied perspective on emerging and developing countries use of social media and the difference in information that is shared.

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