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Seeking the perfect drone for your next action-packed adventure? Look no further than AirDog, friends! First thing’s first – unlike other commercial drones, the AirDog doesn’t include a remote control. Instead, it’s equipped with a waterproof AirLeash. This wristband uses GPS to let the drone know your exact location so that it’s guaranteed to be trained on you at all times. Included on this controller is an LCD display letting you know the status of the drone, with additional controls to flip through the menus.

Although there’s no integrated camera, there’s an easy mount for your GoPro or other action camera which is stabilized by a gimbal and positioned on the  nose of the drone. With fly time capabilities of 10 to 18 minutes (dependent on wind), the AirDog also has foldable arms making it the perfect choice for travel when you’re heading out to the slopes or the beach for filming. Distance isn’t much of a problem for the AirDog either, as it can keep a connection with the AirLeash from up to 820 feet away.

Zip through the skies at a max speed 42mph, going up to 11,500 feet above sea level. AirDog is even able to follow you at 16.5 feet in altitude with a 13 foot distance, thanks to sensors in both the drone and AirLeash that make it trail after you smoothly. Complete with downward-facing collision sensors, drone crashes will be a thing of the past. Sports enthusiasts and adventure-addicts: are you ready to rent? Try the AirDog Drone now!

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