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Annoyed with having to search or sign up for a zillion emails or print coupons just to receive one sale reminder from your favorite clothing store? The new Glanse mobile app, created by Evelyn Zoubi and her company, seeks to avoid this shopping hassle by “curating all your favorite clothes on sale from 1,500 brands to show female shoppers the ones available in stock and in their size.”

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Here’s what Glanse promises:

  • You receive sale notifications the minute Glanse curates the most popular items the app identifies, all in real time.
  • You don’t have to purchase clothes from multiple websites; the trendiest items come to you in one destination.
  • You can share the love of a great find with friends.

And with notifications like “Cheapo Monday,” “Party Thursday,” and “Featured Friday,” the sales alerts are a fun way to bargain shop without all the hunting and gathering scut work that usually goes into finding a great deal. It even has a wishlist to store all the fashion faves you’re contemplating, but aren’t quite ready to buy yet.




“Party Thursday” on Glanse: Halloween Sale Picks

The Inspiration Behind Glanse 

Evelyn Zoubi has a firm belief that most women love shopping the latest trends on sale. #Truth. However, she states, “the issue with this kind of bargain hunting is that there isn’t a way to shop from different brands on sale all at once and in a simple way. Usually items are out of stock, and sizes are unavailable and the content is too cluttered for a mobile screen. That’s why we came up with Glanse. It’s inspired by the Tinder app’s simple swipe right if you like or left to pass platform experience. Glanse shows you the most popular items on sale, in your size and in stock.”


Taking note from the wildly popular and mocked dating app, Glanse helps you discover your perfect fashion find, Zoubi says, by “swiping right if an item tickles your fancy, swiping left for a better offer. Want to recommend an item to a friend? Swipe up. If a product did not tickle you at first glance, we never bother you with that item again.” 


Spotlight: Glanse Co-Founder Evelyn Zoubi

With a background in information systems and coding, Evelyn Zoubi truly understands how to cultivate and utilize technology within the world of fashion. During Zoubi’s college years, she worked on her very first fashion project called “My Digital Closet.” The project received such rave reviews that the idea stuck with Zoubi, and a few years later she quit her job to create a start-up based on her project. “I then applied to the U.S. Department of State program and got accepted. I flew to the Bay Area, joined a startup accelerator, raised funding and built a team based in the same place.” As they say, the rest is history.


Glanse Is A Win -Win With Retailers

Zoubi also believes that Glanse provides retailers with better advantages in terms of information and distribution. She adds, “We feature sale items through campaigns to help brands increase their inventory turnover rate. In addition to that, we also generate taste graphs based on user’s swipes that help brands in re-targeting their target users.” In fact, Zoubi’s mission is to not only be the go-to app for shopping sale items in the shortest time possible, but to also “help brands around the world target their mobile customers through better data and location.” For more information on Glanse or to download the app, visit their website at

All photos courtesy of and Evelyn Zoubi.

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