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First came the selfie stick, and now the Dobby . Small enough to fit in your pocket, and about the size of your hand, this new drone by ZeroTech may be the future of capturing selfies. Toss Dobby into the air, let it levitate from your palm, pat the back of the drone, or download the Dobby smartphone app and launch the drone by voice activation. Once it’s up in the air, you can take pictures or video with the 13MP camera and 1080p video with built in stabilization features. Its battery life is about nine minutes, which is longer than its competitor the Hover Camera, but still means you’ll need to pack backup batteries. Since there are attachable blade bumpers, Dobby can be used indoors or outdoors without having to worry about scratching up walls.

Dobby-pocket-flying-camera-Zero-Tech-PingWest-Photo-By-Hao-Ying (1)

Think Dobby couldn’t get any better? It even has face-tracking capacities so you can capture footage from your next ski trip in a completely new way, and have the drone follow you down the mountain from a bird’s-eye view. If you want to control it hands free, Dobby understands hand gestures as well.
With all its smartphone connecting capabilities, it will without a doubt become your smartphone’s new sidekick. Download the Dobby app and connect with Wi-fi to stream live photos and videos straight to your phone, and share to your favorite social media platforms from there. Your friends will wonder if your selfie stick suddenly grew wings, and your Instagram will never go back to boring, on-the-ground-pictures thanks to the Dobby drone.Dobby-drone-1

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