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According to the Hong Kong-based brand ITUM, established in 2014 by architect Edmond Wong, “[it’s] worldwide ambition is to propel the application of 3D printing technology in consumer products.” The brand’s first ambitious project: MONO – a new range of lightweight and affordable ($65) 3D printed prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses designed to fit your face. It’s fair to say, Mr. Wong is off to a great start.


Framing The Problem

Wong noticed two major problems with today’s typical glasses:

  1. They have too many fragile components, making them easy to break.
  2. On average, glasses do not fit the size of your face.

To tackle the breakability issue, ITUM scaled down your average pair of glasses (fragile parts and all) to one 3D printed monolithic frame – that’s right – one continuous frame.


According to 3D Printing, “this [technology] is possible because of a patent-pending “DNA joint” which leverages the flexibility of the nylon material used for laser sintering.” In other words – the design and technology are beyond cool and the temples of the glasses are collapsible without the need for hinges. First task: completed.

The second task: how to tackle the issue of creating glasses that actually fit your face. Wong and his team created a sizing system that, “governs the three critical measurements that allow for comfort – the width of the frame, the depth of the nose pad, and the length of the temples.


Each measurement is available in S, M, or L, which forms a three-digit code. That code is your ideal size of frame.” Second task completed.

Want more ways to personalize your 3D printed glasses? Mono wearers can interchange their polycarbonate lenses (eight color choices in all) that are not only stylish but also provide UV 400 protection and block 100% of the sun’s harmful rays.


The Mono frames also come in different styles (such as aviator) and colors: red, blue, white, and black.


Want to order a pair? MONO glasses are available for pre-order via their Indiegogo Fundraising campaign site. After the campaign is over, MONO will contact customers by email to confirm their style, color, and size choice as well as prescription information. The company is only less than $500 away from reaching their $4K goal – let’s hope their vision truly becomes a reality.

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