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The weather’s warming, school’s almost out and most of us are hosting a sizeable travel bug to set off to destinations unknown. There are some places well worth a trip and a little lesser known than the typical theme park. Should you happen to find yourself over by way of Italy this summer, there’s a must-see spot few know about. Lake Reschen Italy is known as “the drowned city.”


Buried between the Swiss and Italian Alps once existed a town called Graun, where, according to an article, it resided undisturbed dating back to Roman times. This changed in 1939 when plans for a 70-foot deep lake connecting two nearby lakes should be created in order to accommodate a substantial damn in order to generate seasonal electricity for the surrounding area. In spite of the protests of residents to Antonio Segni, who would eventually become Italy’s Prime Minister, residents were displaced and all approximately 1,290 acres of the Graun village and surrounding land were submerged deep under water. It now stands as the largest lake in the province as well as the largest lake above 1,000 m in the Alps. But what this soggy ghost village is best known for is the eerie sight of Graun’s church steeple rising from the top of the lake, reminding onlookers of what lay below the surface.


In addition to a distinctive landmark steeped in history and commanding views of some of the most stunning natural beauty Europe has to offer, Lake Reschen’s centrally located among some of the most sought-after European destinations. A little over three hours gets you to Salzburg, Austria. Three hours North West to Zurich, Switzerland and straight up north for three hours to Munich, Germany. All this proximity makes it a must-see destination for your next vacation across the Atlantic. We can practically see the selfies now.

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