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You’re probably watering your garden wrong.

When rainy weather hits, growers run the risk of drowning their plants. During dry seasons, the same watering routine may need to be repeated several times to prevent wilting.

Both mistakes are easy to overlook, especially when you’re juggling a long list of daily tasks and errands.

Using the Blossom smart controller, you can manage the delicate water distribution process without hiring an in-house gardener. The device keeps a watchful eye over your garden 24/7, even while you’re at the office or on vacation.


Save Water Without Starving Your Backyard Crops

The robust watering management tool is a small box that is designed to nourish your home garden using real-time weather forecasts. It serves as the brain of an outdoor system, sending timely commands to the sprinkler and actionable data to the user.

Installing the machine takes as little 15 minutes. Individuals are required to setup various zones to ensure the controller understands the layout and the plants around the area. The zoning features are coupled with local weather information to keep the yard in tip-top condition.


Harness Your Inner Gardening Skills

The official Blossom app (iOS and Android) controls how the device treats your sensitive plants. A menu of preset configurations lets you decide how much moisture you want your garden to receive. From the menu, users can also pause an ongoing watering session.

Those who live for keeping things neat and tidy have the option to label and add photos for each zone in the area. A scroll wheel of time options are available for instant scheduling. The Sunset time setting puts the system on automation mode. When activated, the digital gardening tool seamlessly adjusts to the sun’s natural movements.

In addition to the app, the front LED panel on the controller tells you when it’s ready to accept commands and when there’s an error in connection.

The Blossom app

No Wi-Fi Coverage, No Problem

Like all smart management gadgets, the Blossom needs to be hooked up to the Internet to function properly. Considering most Wi-Fi router signals fizzle out the moment you walk towards the door, this could have been a major downfall for the device.

As a solution, the built-in Powerline feature channels Internet connection through the electrical outlets. This allows for reliable outdoor installation, which is also why the powerful machine is IP54 weather resistant.

“The Blossom smart watering system is a great example of how innovators are using Qualcomm Atheros HomePlug Green PHY connectivity to solve ordinary problems in new ways,” said Joseph Bousaba, senior director of product management, Qualcomm Atheros.

“Blossom has proven that simple, reliable and powerful connectivity — achieved using Powerline both outdoors and indoors — delivers a great user experience.”


Watering the Money Tree

The Blossom watering controller costs $199. When used to its full potential, the device can shave as much as 30 percent off your annual watering and irrigation bill. At this rate, you could easily get your money back after the first year. Not many smart devices out in the market today offer the same return of investment.

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