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The 2016 shows at New York Fashion Week put the “design” in “fashion design.” While fashion is ever-evolving (and new trends are constantly popping up in women’s magazines, online, and on the streets), it does not often incorporate technology into its look-of-the-moment. Yet designers have become more creative and inventive as the years pass and now, wearable tech is having moment – especially at the center of the universe, the hub of innovation and design, the mothership of culture, fashion, and technology: New York City.

Here are our picks for our favorite, smartest pieces seen at New York Fashion Week:

Smart Bras, Transformer-Style

Chromat debuted a smart sports bra at New York Fashion Week that tracks temperature, stress levels, and how much sweat you’re sweating. It can change shape to support the athlete for optimal comfort – that’s worth the price alone for any woman who has had to pause her workout in order to, ahem, adjust herself.

The bra is made of Lycra, mesh, and neoprene (a popular 2016 fabric used by many a designer) and utilizes “shape memory alloy,” which is a “smart” metal that basically remembers its owner’s shape.

The way it functions is that when your body temperature rises and you begin to sweat, the bra will open and close vents to either cool you down or warm you up, as needed – perfect for the runner who braves sub-zero temperatures or the advanced hot yoga fanatic.

The Chromat Aeros smart bra debuted at MADE Fashion Week (part of NYFW), along with the Adrenaline Dress, which changes shape uses biometric tracking – another fashionable foray into technology that may seem a bit odd, but cool regardless.

The Chroma Aeros Smart Bra

The Chroma Aeros Smart Bra

Jewelry + Hardware = One Sleek Fitness Tracker

Fitbit and ready-to-wear brand Public School collaborated recently to create a jewelry and hardware collection – in fact, the most talked-about piece was the FitBit Alta, which can be purchased as a metal statement piece or a chic and sleek sport band.

Why is this piece relevant? Because it perfectly illustrates how wearable tech is attempting to integrate itself into the fashion world, besides just being the new go-to gadget for gym rats.

Public School x FitBit

Public School x FitBit

Riding the Technology Wave

VFiles may have had the coolest show at New York Fashion Week, guaranteed to make even the most anti-fashion hipster do a double take. Nayana Malhotra (based in New York) showcased Neurocouture, which, while it sounds like an extra-stylish episode of Grey’s Anatomy, was actually a show based around the idea of wrapping models in garments that were literally made of projections and linked to EEG devices. These devices essentially record your brainwaves and translate them into data that makes sense. So, what this computer did was detect the brainwaves, and then transmit those brainwaves into animated GIFs that expressed related emotions. So, whatever the model was feeling, those GIFs would change and morph as she walked down the catwalk – talk about the ultimate mood ring.

The VFiles Neurocouture Show at New York Fashion Week

The VFiles Neurocouture Show at New York Fashion Week

Film and media may think that the future of fashion looked like something out of The Jetsons, or that millennial fashionistas would wear all-silver looks, but the fashion of today is much more diverse and innovative than we could have ever imagined – we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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