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The long anticipated launch of the Apple Watch is finally over. Today at 12:01 am, Apple fans were able to get their hands on the newest, most talked about device…kind of. Pre-orders were made available online and to try at Apples stores in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Jong, Japan, the UK and the US with first orders set to be delivered Friday, April 24th.

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Though lines were sparse in some areas, this morning there were still many eager and curious enthusiasts waiting in line to give the new watch a whirl. Those interested can make an appointment to try the device in person or go through a guided tour of the watch with an Apple specialist.

With the less expensive models backordered until June, and all models backordered for a minimum of four weeks, there is absolutely an interest if not a demand for the watch. Users on eBay are even taking orders, selling the device for 2x the amount with photos of the pre-order and a sales pitch stating buyers will be on the first people to get the watch.

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Thus far there have been a handful of mixed reviews stating the Apple Watch “is the most ambitious, well-constructed smartwatch ever seen,” but with an array of first-gen performance issues such as apps loading slowly or not at all, delayed data loading, and stuttering notifications. So, for those that have not yet made the commitment to the pre-order it’s advised that prospective buyers head into stores to try it for themselves first.

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