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Gossip is swirling in the tech world that the details of the new Apple Watch 2 will be officially announced during the company’s next Special Event, slated for September 7th of this year. Apple is notorious for using livestreamed events to launch new products, upgrades and so forth, so tongues have been wagging that this will be the time for the Apple Watch 2 to shine. Since we’ve still got some time until we know with certainty what we’re in for, here’s what the folks of the Internet and tech worlds seem to be expecting.

Better software: Announced in June, Apple will be releasing software in the fall called watchOS 3. This upgrade is purported to have faster connectivity, new text alert and respond methods and better fitness and health integrations like the meditation app called Breathe.

Waterproofing: Wearable owners have a tendency to keep their smartwatches on at all times. A fully waterproof Apple Watch that would let users do the dishes, take a shower and even go swimming with it on would make it even easier to incorporate into daily life and activity.

More speed: The Apple Watch can take awhile to load an app, so a step up to a faster processor would be ideal (and a huge time saver).

Functioning GPS: Runners and those training in athletics who track their sessions with their Apple Watch will benefit greatly from this new functioning GPS with which you’ll be able to keep a log on your location and distance without having your phone on your person. This would also put the Apple Watch 2 up there in competition with other wearables dedicated specifically to this task.

A new model: One of the final rumors surrounding the Apple Watch 2 is the notion that a less expensive secondary model (with fewer features) could be released, much like Apple did with the iPhone 5c model.

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