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We’ve all been there before. How much time do you give yourself to get to the airport and get through security in time to make your flight without majorly hustling? Has anyone ever perfected the right amount of time? More often than not, you either fall into one of two categories: the worry-wart early bird who has to kill an inordinate amount of time in the airport waiting to board or the tardy for the party spaz who has to sprint to catch the final boarding call.

Well no more! MiFlight is an app that will help you organize and consolidate your travel plans so you can make the best use of your time on the day of departure. The crowd-sourced app covers around 150 airports globally, gathering estimates on security checkpoint wait times for passengers already at the airport to give impending travelers up-to-date information on whether they should get their asses moving or have time to comfortably kick back and read the paper or sleep another 30 precious minutes before heading to the airport.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, MiFlight combines maps of every airport terminal within its database to give a fairly accurate time frame and game plan for travelers. The app boasts an easy to use interface which makes receiving and sharing wait time estimates a breeze. Hoping to help travelers make the most of their time and not have to waste any of it loitering in a crappy airport bar, MiFlight could be a life saver, especially during the holiday season when security lines and airports are packed to the brim. It’s an efficient way of monitoring and checking the conditions of your airport to maximize your time, no stress no mess.

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