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For Ankur Shah, founder of the mahabis slipper, he believes that mahabis stands for ‘perfection in the everyday.’ Proudly designed in Europe (directed by Joe Cooke and product designer Mr Bailey) the slipper is actually the result of a multi-step process involving 3D printing. Learn more about the mahabis detachable soles here:

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The slipper is modular in design and separated into 3 distant components: the upper portion, the collapsible back, and the sole. It’s constructed this way so that you can remove the detachable water-resistent sole keeping your feet snug and your abode clean.

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Photos: mahabis/facebook

The sole was developed using 3D printed rubber in several prototypes until the developers decided on the perfect shape. In addition, the 3D technology allowed the company to go from CAD to prototype to mould manufacturing in record time.

10931188_770797356366993_2550643724790954604_nPhoto: mahabis/facebook

When asked during a recent interview what were Ankur Shah’s inspirations behind the design, he revealed:

“We adore Scandinavian minimalism, the idea that reduction is better than over complication, we’ve tried to infuse our product with that thinking. The Moroccan babouche is an age old slipper with a crazy folding back and is still worn all over Morocco today. Indians have worn chapals and relaxed sandals since the dawn of time (or so it feels!). All of these feed into the way mahabis have been constructed.”


Photo: mahabis/facebook

The slipper is available in two styles: wool and “summer,” made of a breathable mesh material. The sole comes in six cool colors, so you can buy any combination or just one – whatever strikes your fancy.

Interested in purchasing these modular slippers or learning more about the product? Look here to discover the Mahabis collection.

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