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The wait is over. As part of the iOS 9.1 software update, more than 100 new emojis are now available for our texting pleasure. As with emojis in general, its a mixed bag of the inevitable, the truly necessary (for emoji standards), the bizarre and the “WTF would I ever use this for?” options (we’re looking at you, weird levitating man in black). To help you navigate this latest update, here are the 25 best new emojis (sorted according to their position) and tips on how to go about using them.

The Greedy, Money Tongue Face

For those times when you got your mind on your money, and your money on your tongue.


The Eye-Rolling, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” Face

This one is ambiguous enough to express a multitude of emotions, from disbelief, to annoyance, to “yeah yeah, whatever.”


The Deep Thinker Face

For when you don’t have an answer at the ready, but wanna convey that you’re actively contemplating one. Perfect for the indecisive.


The Zip-It Face

A step above a shush, this will convey to its recipient that no further discussion of the current topic is warranted.


The Sickly Thermometer Face

This one is great for when you want to convey that you’re not feeling well, but when you don’t want to use the hospital mask which denotes something truly heinous wreaking havoc on your body.


The Soulless Robot

I mean, robots are dope. Do I have to spell this one out? Also, were you expecting anything less from the techies who designed these?


The Middle Finger

The holy grail of the long awaited emojis. Get to flipping off all your friends in text message form, and pray that it lives up to the anticipation.


The “Rock On” Hand

Great for showing your approval of a new song, band or performance. Also great if you’re a surfer. Hang ten, dude!


The Vulcan Greeting Hand

Perhaps the nerdiest emoji of them all, but a real testament to the cultural impact of Star Trek. For those that don’t know, it means live long and prosper (aka the antithesis of the middle finger emoji).


The Writing Hand

Wait, people still write, with like, pens and paper?


The Sleuthing Detective

A key profession to claim its own emoji, this one is also great to refer to Benedict Cumberbatch or anything related to Sherlock Holmes and murder mysteries. Another key use – use it to convey looking for all the fucks you don’t give.


The Fanciful Unicorn

Um, it’s freakin’ unicorn!


The Crusty Crab

Now we enter into the realm of using seemingly innocent and innocuous emojis to convey sexual maladies. Hi, crabs!


The Giant Turkey

Up until now, your “Happy Turkey Day” messages had to make do with the chicken emoji, which is just plain sad. Thanksgiving 2015 is gonna rule!


The Dove Carrying an Olive Branch

In an argument? Need to diffuse a situation? Want to blow over something without hashing it out further? This is the emoji for you, my friend.


The Blow Girl

Two thoughts come to mind. 1. This is a key emoji if you would like to illustrate the entire plot of Frozen. 2. It’s a woman literally blowing. This one’s not gonna get abused at all.


The Tornado

There are a lot of handy, new weather emojis, but a tornado is one that stands on its own as a destructive force of nature. Also great for describing something as being a shitstorm.


The Taco AND Burrito

These two get lumped together because it’s about damn time! Easily the most sought after food emojis of our time.


The Bag ‘o Popcorn

Popcorn is another crucial food emoji that allows you to become Olivia Pope from Scandal by pairing it with the wine emoji. Get your hashtag TGIT on!


The Poppin Champagne Bottle

Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard! This one is great for celebratory texts, getting slizzared texts and for Happy New Year’s texts.


The “Taking Off” and “Landing” Airplanes

Perfect, perfect, perfect for traveling and letting your airport pick-up know you’re ready to be escorted.


The Lit, Melting Wax Candle

Another emoji to be employed for some romantic, sexytime purposes. Get your emoji and chill on, or pretend you’re in that Ricky Martin video where he gets hot wax pored down his torso.


The Pick Axe

I had to single out a weapon to playfully convey wanting to murder your friends. There are a few more new options besides the handy knife and gun, such as a sword, but the pick axe has a rather gritty, old-school charm to it.


The Coffin

If, like me, you love using the skull emoji to convey that you’re literally dead at something, the coffin is a great substitute and/or component to it. #Deceased


The Precarious Hole

Last, but not least, this one is just plain weird, but I can see it being put to use for hilarious, and ultimately sexual, effect. Watch out!

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