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One of the major roadblocks with being an early adopter of an electric car is the lack of public chargers. Most individuals charge their vehicles in their own garages and carefully plan the day or week according to how much juice their battery can hold. That’s no way to live, and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, understands that his cars should not be holding people back.

As a solution, he launched a huge campaign to build the necessary supporting infrastructure for his creations: the Roadster and Model S. Recent stats from Plugshare suggest that Tesla installed over 858 public chargers across the U.S. between September 2014 to September 2015. This should give EV owners more confidence during road trips and outdoor excursions.


Using the Right Charger

The type of pods popping up like prairie dogs are not all the same. Lately, the company has been adding numerous destination chargers, which make up over 83 percent of the total kiosks in the U.S. To date there are roughly 1,120 sprinkled around the country. Destination chargers are slightly slower compared to Superchargers, but they do use the same technology. You’ll find the second tier chargers around places like restaurants, hotels and malls.

A lot of thought went into the placement of the pods. Since they’re also cheaper, Tesla can push out several units at once or even have them closer together for extra convenience. For now, the group’s installation strategy is a numbers game. The more chargers they have, the happier customers will be. Naturally, seeing more places to charge EVs could help win over skeptics and potential buyers.

The brand is still on the move to boost the accessibility of Superchargers. Since March this year, around 2,000 kiosks have appeared worldwide. Currently, there are enough stations to help you get from Los Angeles to New York, Amsterdam to the Arctic Circle and Edinburgh to South France with peace of mind. Below are some hard facts about Tesla’s Superchargers:

  • Gallons of gas offset by Superchargers: 570,921
  • Dollars saved in collective fuel costs: 2.3 million (Based on the current national average of $4.015/gallon for Premium fuel)
  • Miles charged: 14,273,033 = enough to circle the globe 573 times
  • Cumulative total energy delivered to date: 4.9 million kWh
  • Cars charged in the last seven days: 5,196
  • Factor by which a Supercharger charges a Model S faster than at a public charging station: 16


Model 3

Tesla is adamant about adding as many chargers as it can in order to meet the demand for its upcoming offering: the Model 3. It will be priced at $35,000 (before incentives), a range that is within reach for most middle class homes. The company is anticipating a surge in demand for the highly anticipated car and its current fleet of EVs. “We continue to see growing Model S demand.” said Musk. “In Q1, both North American and European orders were much higher than Q1 last year, despite limited availability of 85D and before the announcement of 70D. While we still have work to do in China, we saw encouraging signs of a return to growth in orders there as well.”

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