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My Dad is decidedly not a techie, so much so that for this coming Father’s Day, I bought him all the seasons of “House of Cards” on DVD because he neither has a Netflix account nor chooses to use mine, which I so generously offered up, to stream it from a computer to his TV. Since my Dad is covered, this Father’s Day gift guide is for the more technologically inclined fathers out there. Happy shopping!



It’s important to keep that scruff in tip-top shape, even if Dad’s a hustler on the go. Hook him up with ShaveTech, a sleek, portable electric razor the size of a smartphone that contains a USB port so he can carry it around in his pocket, charge it on the go without ever needing an outlet, and keep his facial hair as meticulously styled as he wants it. $30



Perfect for tailgates, the golf course or just hanging outside on a summery Father’s Day drinking brewskies with the family, KUBE is a cooler with a built-in speaker system. It delivers crisp, full-range audio up to 500 feet away and can last for up to 20 hours without being plugged in. With Bluetooth capabilities, a weatherproof and stylish exterior and enough storage space for 48 cans, this bad boy is prepped to fuel a good time anywhere. You can reserve one now for $99.



Where would we all be without our fathers to help us fix things? Help him help you by getting him a Bondic, the world’s first liquid plastic welder. With this handy tool, no bigger than the size of a highlighter, Dad can build, bond, fix and fill anytime, anywhere. Unlike glues, the liquid won’t stick to your skin and remains in that form until you’ve cured it with UV LED light, causing it to harden in just four seconds. $22

Parrot Minidrone – Rolling Spider

It’s time to payback Dad for all the times he bought you those 10,000 piece Lego sets or waited in line for hours for the limited edition Barbie Malibu beach house with the Rolling Spider, a minidrone from Parrot that can capture high-res photos. Smartphone operational, the Rolling Spider can be directed remotely and pull off some pretty neat acrobatic, aerial moves. Who says Dad can’t have a toy or two of his own? $80

Soundwall soundwall-lcd

A happy melding of art, music and technology, Soundwall creates immersive art that brings pieces to life, in more way than one. It combines visual art with audio sound to create a living, breathing work of art. Anything from a painting, drawing or photograph can be placed onto a Soundwall canvass and be integrated with an audio element, making this the closest thing to those awesome talking portraits that adorn the corridors of Hogwarts. This one is if you really want to indulge dear ol Dad. A blank canvass starts at $400 if you’d like to make a custom piece yourself, or you can shop pieces from artists that can run the gamut.

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