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California is in a serious crisis. We’re running out of water and struggling to conserve what little is left in what’s been recorded as a hundred year drought. Governor Brown declared a State of Emergency back in January urging a reduction in water usage.  NASA gave us depressing satellite images detailing parched reservoirs that had once flourished in hues of blue.

It’s difficult to fathom such severity when you mix nice weather and summer in the same sentence. But the fact is, California has approximately 38.8 million inhabitants living all across its terrain. And those numbers keep growing.

As Californians’ struggle to make the necessary adjustments, the state’s dilemma has sparked some impressive problem solving amongst the tech industry. Whether the process is simple water collection or data monitoring, tech innovators are utilizing their skills and resources to fast-track solutions for an imminent life style change for California. Their undertaking has helped bring awareness to the earth’s limited resources.

Here are a few folks who’ve accepted the challenge climate change has presented and have taken a vow to save California’s water supply:


Cambrian Innovation’s EcoVolt uses anaerobic treatment as a means of extracting impurities from wastewater. In turn, their method is able to procure clean water, electricity, and heat in the form of methane gas. The newly converted energy is used to sustain the EcoVolt unit. Their intelligent design is a wonderful example of resourcefulness and has found its way into several vineyards, breweries, and food preparation plants throughout California.


HydroPoint monitors water usage via WeatherTRAK data collection, their prime suspect—landscape irrigation within residential, commercial, and municipal sectors. HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK allows customers to maximize water intake with site-specific data that instructs customers when is the best time to use water.

Intelligent Water Technology

Intelligent Water Technology (IWT) is Mueller Water Products’ line of water monitoring systems geared for businesses. IWT ensures water is within EPA health standards and safe to consume, has the ability to detect water loss and leaks within piping, and can maintain and control water pressure. Overall, their data systems will help lower utility costs through IWT’s various screening procedures.

Ambient Water

Ambient Water collects water from the atmosphere with modular systems that service industrial practices and residential needs. Extracting water particulates from humidity in the air, Ambient Water can yield clean drinkable water at an affordable cost. With four different systems for various applications; hospital, fracking operations, military, and the office, everyone can start “making clean water out of thin air”, a catch phrase they can definitely adhere to.


Tal-Ya’s accordion-like plastic trays eliminate water loss by directing water and fertilizer straight to the plants’ roots. Tal-Ya’s trays are cheap and easy to install, allowing farmers to combine the product with drip irrigation for better water conservation. The funneled design also collects rainwater and dew. These trays may be simple, but are an essential tool for drought-ridden areas.

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