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There are certain things that drones do very, very well. They let you live out your dreams of becoming a pseudo-pilot. They let you capture stunning aerial photography. They let you film amazing, airborne video footage. They let you bond with other enthusiasts and engage in anything from racing to death matches. In regards to racing, one of consumer drones’ shortcomings is speed. Most drones you can purchase won’t let you fly the friendly skies at breakneck speeds. Teal is looking to right this egregious oversight.

Created by a Utah-based company, Teal is a lightweight, smart quadcopter that can reach speeds of up to 85 mph, making it the world’s fastest production drone. Equipped with a powerful internal computer, Teal can stream quality video at 720p to your phone or tablet and perform advanced applications that could be a gateway into machine-learning algorithms, the first of its kind for a drone. Its camera can film in 4K at 24fps and is similar to Parrot drones in that it uses electronic stabilization. Did I mention this drone can go as fast as a car cruising down a freeway?

Compared to the DJI Phantom 4, which was heretofore the fastest consumer drone one could purchase, Teal nearly doubles its max speed of 45 mph. Simply put, Teal is the fastest drone one can buy, reaching speeds no other drone outside of a specially customized racing drone can match. Teal’s top speed can only be reached using a high performance battery, granting users 10 minutes of speedy flight time. There’s also an endurance battery, which will double the drone’s flight time but reduce its speed.

Without a custom controller, Teal can be piloted simply through your phone or tablet using a custom app. The app syncs with the aforementioned computer system built into the drone: a Nvidia Jetson TX1. Created to act as an aerial deep learning computer, the Nvidia Jetson TX1 packs a wealth of functionality including the ability to process 4K vision in real-time. As for the app, it includes flight modes such as basic flight and waypoint navigation as well as features like video tracking, geo-fencing and live video streaming. At $1300, Teal isn’t the most economical drone on the market, but those who have a need for speed can’t do much better than this drone.

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