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Apple Watch may have finally found its killer app: Tamagotchi. Welcome back to the ‘90s. Indeed, Apple Watch’s unique blend of hipness and screen size makes it a perfect fit for this virtual pet app.

Tamagotchi digital pets from Bandai Namco were all the rage in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. These digital pets took the form of plastic egg-shaped keychains with emotive pixelated LCD screens that demanded constant love and care. Owners had to feed, play with and clean up after their Tamagotchi pets to prevent a tragic digital death from neglect. And yes, cleaning up meant picking up digital Tamagotchi poop.


As iTunes explains, in 2015, Tamagotchi pets call their owners via Apple Watch, and then demand attention. Owners can also proactively check up on their virtual pets using Apple Watch as well. Thus, in addition to haptic notifications for messages, appointments and excessive sitting, your Tamagotchi pet will also be pinging you on your Apple Watch (assuming you don’t have a defective taptic engine.

Ironically, it seems that the Apple Watch provides a more limited Tamagotchi experience, compared to its plastic ancestor. There is no animated feedback when owners tend to their pets, so they don’t react to food or discipline. Perhaps worst of all, they can’t play with their pets and feed the “Happy” meter (but can do so via the iPhone app). This lesser experience has not been lost on Apple Watch users. It seems that while the graphics look like the oldschool Tamagotchi pets, users can’t name them.

With news of Apple banning actual watch (i.e., time telling), is it so hard to believe that Tamagotchi could indeed be Apple Watch’s winning app?


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