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Snapchat is no joke. As a matter of fact, it’s a tricky world to navigate. Even for those adept at the platform, Snapchat doesn’t wear its secrets on its sleeves. There are a wealth of hidden tricks and features within Snapchat that only Ghostface Chillah himself knows about…until now, that is! That’s right, prepare to be schooled on all the devilish little secrets Snapchat has been hiding from us. Whether you’re a newbie to the social platform or an aficionado, there’s bound to be at least one amazing hack that will leave you looking like the dropped jaw emoji. With these nine hacks, you’ll be leagues ahead of your friends when it comes to your Snapchat prowess.

Apply 3 Filters:

  1. Swipe left across the capture of your photo/video to apply your first filter.
  2. Once you’ve chosen one, hold your thumb anywhere on the screen to secure that filter, and then swipe through the filters again using a different finger.
  3. Once you’ve got your second filter, lift your thumb from the screen for a second and then tap and hold it down again. You can now toggle through the filters again to apply a third one.

Make an Emoji into a Colored Filter:

  1. Choose your desired emoji that possess the color of a filter you want for your snap.
  2. Move that emoji towards the corner of your screen.
  3. Increase the size of the emoji by spreading it outward on the screen with your fingers and shove it into the corner. The semi-transparent, pixelated edges that result become a colored filter.

Stick an Emoji on a Moving Object:

  1. After recording a video, tap the emoji icon and pick your desired emoji. Resize it to your desired effect.
  2. Tap and hold your resized emoji in order to drag it over an object in your video that is in motion. The video should be frozen at this point.
  3. Hold the emoji over this object until Snapchat reloads the video. Once reloaded, the emoji should follow the moving object wherever it goes.

Record a Silent Video:

To earn one of those coveted Snapchat trophies, simply tap the microphone icon at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen after recording a video before sending it out in order to mute all of the sound.

Soundtrack Your Video with Music:

Open any music app on your phone and select the song you want to soundtrack your snap. Then, navigate back to Snapchat and start recording a video.

Use Numbers/Letters to Create Borders:

  1. After capturing or recording a snap, dictate a one-character caption using the “T” tool with the largest text size possible.
  2. Enlarge the character so it creates a border around your snap. Tweak and crop the snap using the enlarged character until you have the frame/border you want.

Zoom Using Only One Finger:

Instead of having to make that annoying pinching motion with your fingers to zoom in or out, simply slide a finger up the screen to zoom in or slide it down the screen to zoom out!

Create Multi-Colored Text:

  1. Type your caption and select a color from the color palette.
  2. Tap any word within your text and click the “Select” option to highlight it.
  3. Position the highlight section over any word, phrase or character, and then choose another color from the color palette to change it.

Save Battery Life Using “Travel Mode”:

Initiating Travel Mode in Snapchat will result in Snaps and Stories only loading when you tap on them, rather that instantly being downloaded automatically. This will help you save your phone’s battery life. To turn on Travel Mode, tap the Ghost icon at the top of the screen, tap the Gear icon and then Additional Services. Under the Manage section, tap on Travel Mode to turn it on.

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