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Chronic Pain affects over 100 million Americans and 1.5 billion people worldwide. Shaun Rahimi, founder and CEO of Cur, is one of them.

Rahimi suffered from debilitating chronic pain until his physician recommended using TENS therapy, a device which uses electrodes instead of drugs to stop the persistent pain at its source. TENS technology was created in 1974 but even nearly four decades later, the devices remain clunky and awkward. A typical TENS device is about the size of crayon box, except imagine a crayon box connected to a knot of wires and pads running up your shirt on a hot summer’s day. It’s not pretty.

That’s why Rahimi found Cur, wearable technology that has all the perks of curing physical pain without becoming a pain.


“With Cur, we wanted to provide people living with chronic pain the same immediate relief that you would expect from a $10,000 clinical TENS device, but in a miniaturized and effortless experience,” Rahimi said in statement.

Cur is about the size of a bandaid, meaning no more wires and no more awkward bulges. It uses a durable adhesive which allows you to put it virtually anywhere on your body. You can even keep it on while playing sports.

The aesthetic design is merged with TENS and smartware technology. The control unit which sits on top of the adhesive strip, includes an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a bio-impedence sensor. These biometric sensors measure the user’s pulse and muscle contracts to deliver accurate electro pulse therapy.

The Cur strip itself can run up to three hours and its charger, which is also its case, can juice it up for about another thirty hours. Overall, Cur can deliver up to sixty hours of continuous therapy before a trip back to the power outlet. Its users can also get all the info Cur collects and customize their own therapy regimen through a smartphone app.


“Since pain is primarily conducted by nerve signals, electrical simulation that interferes with the pain in a helpful way is the gold standard for therapy,” says Dr. Kevin Stone of Stone Clinic in a statement. “now that same therapy can be light, wearable and customizable to the patient.”

A crowdfunding campaign to launch Cur started May 13, with a limited time price of $149 for contributors(at retail it runs for $299).

But be aware Cur has yet to be cleared by the FDA. They expect clinical evaluations and clearance later in the fall of this year. Shipments of Cur to crowdfunding supporters will not ship until it receives FDA approval.

Learn more about Cur in the video below.

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