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15 Mar

Jackie Dives Fights Abortion Stigma With Emotional Portraits

A few weeks ago, Jackie launched the Abortion Series project, where she’ll be profiling a variety of women who have had abortions, and sharing their experiences. The project was inspired by repressive laws against women's rights. “I think this series is both saying to other women ‘We are here. We understand. We support you.’ Jackie said. “And it’s also providing a glimpse into the experience of having an abortion, for those who haven't ever had one, who might need to understand more seriously the impact it has on a woman.” So far, Jackie has only photographed two women, but both portraits are intimate and personal, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come of the project. The portraits are similarly posed: both women...
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24 Aug

Linkitz Wearable Encourages Girls to Explore Technology

These days, there are numerous ways girls can learn about STEM. The traditional classroom setting may not always be the most interesting medium for kids who would rather pick up a toy than a book. To facilitate outside learning, Linkitz created a toy that empowers young female learners to pursue technology with their friends.  Combining Education and Fun Teaching kids how to code starts with the basics. Linkitz accomplishes this through a modular toy that girls can interact with and customize. There are five components called “links” (Speaker, Move, Friend, Microphone and LED), each designed to perform a specific function. Combining the various pieces creates different features. For example, putting the Speaker, Heart and Microphone together will turn the band into a walkie-talkie. To make a...
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20 Jul

Your next Pregnancy Test Could Be on a Smartphone

In the near future, smartphones will be equipped to handle a range of heath care services, including pregnancy tests. This revolutionary technique would allow women to benefit from real-time readings through an app, where one can instantly share the experience with close family and friends. "We have the potential to develop small and robust lab-on-a-chip devices for smartphones. So, surface plasmon resonance sensors could become ubiquitous now," said Kort Bremer, inventor and co-author of the new paper with Bernhard Roth, director, Hanover Centre for Optical Technologies (HOT), University of Hanover, Germany. Mobile Pregnancy Detection Using Light The new biosensing technology currently being developed works by turning a smartphone into a sensitive monitor. These days, mobile devices already have a light detector and a light...
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10 Jul

Has #GamerGate encouraged women to join the tech industry, or leave it?

If you've been following the #GamerGate controversy, there's been lots of controversy surrounding ethics in game journalism. However, its critics claim that it's been an attack on women working in tech. Has it inspired women to flock to the tech industry to combat #GamerGate supporters, or caused them to leave because of the actions of several #GamerGate supporters? For those who are unfamiliar with #GamerGate, the term itself was coined by Firefly actor Adam Baldwin. One of the central figures is game developer Zoe Quinn. According to Gawker, Quinn developed a game called Depression Quest in 2013, and chronicled the developer's struggle with depression. While it was not well received by game critics, an ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, made a series of...
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30 Jun

Nighat Dad Empowering Pakistani Women to Take On Virtual Tormentors

At a time when the Internet has thrown open a myriad of possibilities to connect, communicate, and collaborate to create both lucrative and meaningful associations, it is hard to believe that a young woman would deliberately block all her email and social media accounts and obliterate her presence from the virtual world. But this is what a student at Lahore's University of Engineering and Technology was compelled to do. An innocuous friend request on Facebook turned into a stalking campaign. The man took a photo of the student and her sisters, superimposed their faces on the bodies of nude women, and posted these photographs on the Internet. Then he threatened her saying that he would send the links to her family. Nighat...
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