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29 Dec

This Cabinet Bluetooth Speaker Breathes Harmonious Vibes into Your Living Room

Large, bulky music players are overrated. Sometimes you need something low-key that doesn’t take up half of your living area. As a solution, you could mount speakers in every corner of the room (not recommended for design newbies). If that’s too much work for you, another option would be to pick up a Caruso cabinet, which comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker inside. The accessory is an accent piece with numerous qualities. It serves as a traditional cabinet that you can use to store plates, collectibles or clothes. Using the box for storage instantly makes it one of the most functional pieces in your home. While this feature is essential, it’s not the highlight of the 39-inch cabinet. A giveaway that there...
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6 Nov

Devialet Phantom Review

There are two types of people in this world: the people who are satisfied with speakers that "get the job done" and people who view their sound systems as personal expressions of premium design and function. The first type of person would opt for a simple bluetooth speaker that they'll throw in their backpack. They probably don't use a sound bar with their television, and would never pay more than $30 for a pair of headphones. People who would buy the Devialet Phantom don't think that way. Priced at $1,990, the compact (but hefty) Phantom claims to be the absolute best wireless speaker you can get today. Its sleek design certainly embodies luxury, and its specs leave no uncertainty about the amount of...
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3 Nov

A Complete Transaction with Nothing But Sound Waves? Welcome to the Future of Shopping

Apple Pay now allows you to make payments wirelessly just by tapping your smartphone on a POS terminal. MasterCard is developing a system that verifies transactions using selfies. And of course there’s the blockchain, a new way of clearing money transfers that banks are racing to capitalize on. All of these initiatives push the boundaries of the industry, but they aren’t revolutionary. Sure, the technologies enhance the way we transact with our favorite brands and bring a new level of convenience to the cashless movement. But at the end of the day, that’s all they are: enhancements. For a complete disruptive experience, businesses are turning to Soundpays. The Toronto-based startup has created a new way to authenticate and initiate payments using sound waves. Its...
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28 Apr

IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture Collection – Smart Designs For Your SmartPhone

Looking at the photo above, we see a collection of modern looking tables and lamps. Some people may even recognize the contemporary brand of furniture - IKEA, and they’d be correct. Now look closely at the IKEA lamp below: Photo: Ikea   Recognize it? It’s the same lamp from the first photo. However, notice the white circular plus sign at the base. It’s not just a design - it’s a wireless phone charger. In fact, all of the furniture featured in this article has the same wireless technology integrated within their construction. The contemporary pieces also include USB outlets making it easy to add other devices. The work lamp above (the Riggard) is just one of several affordable items in...
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