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17 Aug

How To Find A Prime Spot to Shoot With Your Drone

To capture that dream shot with your drone, there are numerous of aspects you need to take into consideration. Weather, laws, places to operate from and positioning are all crucial to the quality of your photography. You'll find that by using some common sense and some tools, finding that perfect spot really isn't that hard. Be Familiar With Local Laws The first thing when it comes to finding a good spot to shoot from is to be familiar with the laws in the area you plan to photograph. A good general rule to start out with is that drones will be outlawed in air spaces near airports, military bases, and National Parks. Be conscious of any of those around you. The next big step...
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20 Jul

Mimic the Weather Using This Realistic, Portable Forecast Stimulator

Tempescope on desk, mist
Weather apps are great, but those pixelated raindrops may not be enough to persuade you to bring an umbrella when the forecast calls for it. What if, instead of boring weather animation, you saw a physical dark cloud dropping water bombs in a small, clear box? That’ll surely make you reconsider. If you attended the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) trade show in Japan, you might have seen an ambient, robust weather device called the Tempescope. Brew a Storm Inside a Small Weather Box The Tempescope is the most realistic weather forecast machine you can get your hands on. Created by Ken Kawamoto, a Google Engineer who likes to invent things on the weekends, the device displays a range of visually appealing outdoor conditions....
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16 Jul

The Dark Sky Weather App Turns Users into Amateur Meteorologists

Dark Sky bad weather
The Dark Sky app just made weather more fun. Several interactive features have recently been added to the outdoor forecast platform, which can help individuals benefit from accurate weather predictions. Through crowdsourcing, the app now collects local data from users. As a result, forecasts from the app are more responsive. The official blog post mentioned the following about the importance of this feature: "Up until now, we’ve relied mostly on government-run weather stations to provide 'ground truth' to validate our forecasts. But there are relatively few stations world-wide, and they don’t always provide timely updates when we need them. By recruiting our wonderful users to help us, we can greatly increase the on-the-ground data that we need most." Simple Reporting and Real-time Weather Submissions To encourage...
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