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8 Mar

Michelle Terris Brings Body Positivity To The LA Fashion Scene

Michelle Terris always felt self conscious as a child. Growing up in Southern California, Michelle was fed images from the media that convinced her that her loose arms and extra body fat were something to be ashamed of. Then in 2008, Michelle’s father was diagnosed with ALS - a neurodegenerative disease that causes you to lose control of basic bodily functions. The disease completely changed Michelle’s view of her own body. “After watching my father lose his ability to do everyday things, and then all things, I gained a new perspective on my body image,” Michelle said. “Instead of seeing rolls of fat that needed to be diminished or jiggly arms, I started thinking about all the amazing things my body...
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9 Jan

Give Your Photo A Polaroid Effect in Less Than Five Minutes

2016 was the year of the drone and high definition DSLR cameras. Yet something about antique, Polaroid pictures - with their pink and yellow hues and washed out tones has a huge appeal for photographers. Just look at Instagram, with its antique style filters and, until recently, mandatory square crop. We love the look of an old school, Polaroid image, but we don't always have the time or resources to produce an authentic picture on Polaroid film. And when it comes to digital photography, sometimes you want to add a simple, creative effect to an image, but don't have hours to spend tweaking every aspect of your picture in Photoshop. With this tutorial, you can can create a lovely Polaroid effect in under five minutes. Start by...
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23 Aug

Fujifilm’s New Cameras Are Retro-Chic Outside, Premium Inside

On my desk at work are three cameras. One is a Canon 6D that I use all the time. One is a Nikon N50 film camera which I never use and hate the way it looks. And, most beloved, a Pentax K 1000. It's a camera I wish I used more before because it exudes a classic coolness that's missing in my main camera. Never heard of a Pentax K1000? Here's what my baby looks like: Image: Ken Rockwell It's simultaneously sleek and industrial, reminiscent of a bygone era in photography. It's quintessentially a camera: classic and utilitarian. Frankly, it's a look that I wish newer DSLRs would embrace. I'd love to see more camera makers break out of...
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11 Dec

J-Corder Vintage R2R Decks Will Get You in the Most Exclusive Audio Club in the World

The vintage music scene is bustling with iconic hardware that paved the way for modern gadgets like digital mixers and handheld synthesizers. The sight of an analog turntable is usually enough to grab the attention of a demanding audio fanatic, who will salivate over any gem for hours at a time. But unfortunately, it’s still a common piece that doesn’t scream exclusivity in the audio community. The only device that can hold such a prestigious title is the J-Corder. Owning one of the upscale reel-to-reel (R2R) tape decks is an honor that only a handful get to experience. Market price for the entry-level models start at a whopping $7,735. Because these are analog machines, the expenses will keep coming the more...
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17 Sep

Red Dot Smartphone App Mimics Leica Cameras With Manual Controls

The stock iPhone camera is great, but it could be better- a lot better. If you’re looking for a new way to breathe life into your mobile snapshots, check out the Red Dot Camera app. Manual Rangerfinder Settings The app offers an assortment of manual controls for users who want to push their smartphone shooting capabilities as far as possible. Skinned with a powerful Leica theme that appeals to photography enthusiasts, the platform captures the bold essence of the iconic M camera series. According to the developers, below are the core features of the mobile app: Rangefinder-Style Manual Focusing: Focus in with precision using a magnified patch at the center of the viewfinder to capture the perfect image. Manual ISO Control: High ISO settings generate...
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9 Sep

Love Hultén Unleashes Eye-catching Retro Designs for Vintage Gaming Systems

Nothing screams nostalgia like a 90s arcade console. Vintage gaming systems are now a lost art and have been replaced with personal platforms, like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 4. Individuals who are looking for a quick break from the daily grind may not always benefit from a fully immersive game with a deep storyline. Smartphone apps are great for such healthy distractions, but what if you want to dive into timeless classics like Battleship and Duke Nukem 3D? Vintage, Face-to-Face Gaming Thanks to a Gothernburg-based tech craftsman, Love Hultén, you can now engage in two-player arcade duels using Battlecade. The briefcase-style platform forces you to face your opponent like the good ol’ days. “Conceptual arcade console for two players, inspired by classic board...
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2 Sep

Holga Digital Takes Lo-Fi Photography to the Modern Era

Holga is finally upgrading its iconic, vintage cameras. The highly anticipated digital version boasts several modern features, such as no film and easy sharing. “We were inspired by classic Holga camera and wanted to recreate the magical experience of using a Holga with our loved ones. We were also convinced we could enhance this experience by digitalize the original Holga,” explained the brand. Find out how the Hong Kong-made shooter fits in with your camera collection below. Instagram-ready Photos Like the previous versions of the Holga, the digital model is designed to streamline the picture-taking experience. Out of the box, you could point and shoot at your surroundings and generate retro-filtered images instantly. There is no preview display for you to review photos, but you...
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