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15 Jun

A Breakdown of Drone Cinematography Techniques

To make amazing video reels and awe inspiring cinematography, a videographer must possess a vast array of skill sets to bring his or her picture to life. They must have an unique eye to envision the shot, an uncanny ability to transform the norm into something extravagant, and a variety of different shots to amaze the audience. One way to amaze the audience is by using drones to provide aerial imagery. We will outline some basic shot techniques used by renowned operators to achieve cinematic aerial shots! 1. Slow and Steady The number one rule when using drones for film is to fly slow. Going slower is usually more cinematic and gives the viewer the idea that you are shooting from a...
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19 Jul

Everything You Need To Know About Shooting Music Videos

Music videos are not only one of the most fun forms of videography, but they’re also a great way to hone your technical and editing skills. Although they require a bit more setup, planning and equipment than other types of videography, the final product is well worth it. Even if you’re new to videography or have never shot a music video before, with the help of this how to guide, you’ll be ready to shoot music videos like a pro. The Equipment Music videos require more equipment than most other types of videography, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Shooting music videos with only one camera body is extremely difficult, so this project is best done with a couple of friends....
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2 Dec

Vine Adds Native Audio Remixing, Unleashing the Meme Maker Inside Us All

Vine has revolutionized the content creation industry. Those with really short attention spans (one study says that our attention spans are four seconds shorter than they were fifteen years ago) can now watch six second clips of creatively shot video. However, Vine wants to do a lot more with those precious six seconds, such as audio remixing. Vine's update now allows people to make audio remixes by tapping a three-dot button at the bottom right of a Vine and building a meme by tapping “make an audio remix.” This allows anyone to mix and match video and audio from various memes with the audio from the original Vine already in the new one. You can film a new Vine, or get...
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16 Sep

Odyssey: GoPro Launches Colossal Virtual Reality Rig With 16 Cameras

GoPro officially entered the virtual reality space with the highly anticipated release of the Odyssey rig. First seen during Google's I/O conference earlier this year, the upbeat device caught the attention of many spectators and tech enthusiasts who attended the event. Now that it’s up for purchase, individuals may soon get a closer, hands-on look at the mysterious camera. "Virtual reality is a promising new innovation with incredible potential for commercial and artistic applications. With Odyssey and Jump, GoPro is encouraging content creators to pioneer the new technology - to capture, edit and share immersive content," said Tony Bates, president of GoPro. "We already know that GoPro users are some of the most talented content creators in the world, so we can't wait...
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4 Sep

With Graava, Your Videos Are Conveniently Edited in Real-time

Today’s portable cameras are designed to capture hours of footage, which is a pain to sift through. Spending all night butchering highlights was a process that enthusiasts had to accept, simply because there was no way around the grueling ordeal. Bruno Gregory, a Brazilian software engineer, came up with a solution that solves the Mo footage, Mo problems issue that is currently plaguing the filming scene. The Graava, a tiny recording device, self-edits footage as it happens. “Millions of videos are shot every day, but very few people actually have the time, experience, or software necessary to edit the hours of footage they have after a long day skiing or zip lining,” said CEO and Co-founder Gregory. “Graava is here to take care...
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2 Jun

Google Launches Free, Unlimited Storage for Photos and Videos- But There’s a Catch

Google Photos smartphone camera
Cloud storage is expensive. But not if you’re using Google Photos. The company never fails to keep its competitors on their toes. This time, popular cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Microsoft's OneDrive, Apple's iCloud and Amazon's Cloud Drive are all taking a hit. During Google I/O 2015, the global brand announced free, unlimited storage for photos and videos on the Google Photos app. But before you cancel your cloud storage subscription and create a new account solely for this purpose, there are some strings attached to the deal that could make you rethink the big switch. What’s the Catch? There are two limitations that you should be concerned about. First, the app only accepts images below 16 megapixels, or 4920 x 3264 pixels. Photos with higher...
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