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30 Mar

2D Iconic Video Game Footage With a Drone

When we think back to the emergence of iconic 2D video games like SimCity, Pokemon and Grand Theft Auto, the top down perspective, or birds eye view, radically changed gaming. Running through the virtual city streets and creating towering skyscrapers, the late 1900s and early 2000s was a typical millennials Saturday morning. Fast forward to now and we are using drones to recreate the same video games we played...
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9 Mar

Lumoid Gear Feature: Yuneec Breeze

DJI, the Chinese drone manufacturing company is reigning king in the UAV market; with close to 50% of drone market share. There are however, less known names that are offering quality drones at a fraction of the price of say a DJI Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro. Meet Yuneec, another Chinese manufacturer that specializes in building advanced technology drones, that are, dare we say, affordable? The Yuneec Breeze is an ultra lightweight and compact drone that makes taking selfies and capturing adventures effortless. Autonomy Made Easy Photo via That Drone Show The Breeze has five built-in autonomous shots to take your aerial imaging to brand new heights. The Selfie and Orbit modes offer the ability to take awesome group photos whereas...
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27 Feb

Time-Lapse Photography…But With a Drone

As we advance through photography techniques like tilt-shift and motion blur, new and novel techniques have been developed. Now there is the option to capture time lapses, but with a drone! Time lapse is a photo technique where the frames are captured are much lower than that used to view the sequence. For instance, when the film roll is played at normal speed, time is appeared to be moving faster and therefore, time lapsing. Check out this dreamy time lapse captured with a DJI Phantom 4 and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. The bulk of time lapse photography is captured via cameras mounted on tripods to ensure stable images. So, the next logical question is, how can we capture time lapse videos...
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23 Feb

The Ins and Outs of Drone Real Estate Photography

As we witness multiple industries benefit from the application of drones, one vertical that has really boomed is real estate photography. With realtors looking for various ways to capture acres of land, drones took the forefront in providing ease and accessibility, and various uses including: Capturing aerial views of property and land Scoping out neighborhood and surrounding area for amenities Property maps and surveys Outer terrain and geographic developments This complete guide will outline the necessities and overall how-to's to become familiar with aerial real estate photography and uses drones for commercial purposes. Using Drones Makes Aerial Imaging Affordable Prior to drones, aerial photos for real estate was captured using either a plane or helicopter, which would cost thousands of dollars. In addition, time and space...
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2 Feb

4 Most Popular Drone Uses For Aerial Photography

Whether you're an established photographer with years of experience or just starting out and learning the basics, aerial photography is undoubtedly in the future of the industry. The ability to capture angles and shots that were largely unachievable has made drones an incredibly popular instrument for a number of different forms of photography. Below are some of the most popular uses and the best drones with tips on how to shoot stunning aerial images. Wedding Photo & Video Production Due to the once in a lifetime singularity of wedding photography, there is a ton of pressure to get the perfect shots. Every couple wants their wedding to be special and documenting those precious moments bares a challenging task. In addition to the standard,...
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30 Jan

Everything You Need To Know About SD Cards

As photographers, we’ve all had experience with SD, or Secure Digital, cards. These thin memory sticks look like a smaller, modern cousin to the floppy disc, and have the power to hold thousands of high quality images or hours of movie quality video. SD cards come in a range of sizes, both physically and in terms of capacity, which can make choosing the right one for your needs a difficult task. Whether you’re looking for an SD card for your phone, GoPro or DSLR camera, this article will help ensure you purchase the perfect card to fit your shooting requirements. SD cards technically come in three different sizes, but only two are commonly used today: SD and microSD cards. Regular SD cards...
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20 Aug

Video Editing 101

There's a lot more that goes into editing video than editing still photographs. You have to consider which editing software to use, how to transfer clips from your camera to your computer and how to cut and combine those clips to create a final story. It can be an overwhelming process, but with a little patience and practice, you too can become a pro. First, it’s important to consider the basics. Welcome to Video Editing 101! Choosing Your Software Although all Macs come with the free video editing software, iMovie, something more advanced is usually preferable. Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere are both professional video editing programs that are fairly easy to use, but will cost you about $19.99 a...
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9 Aug

Povie Smartphone Necklace Mount Lets You Shoot Hands-Free POV Video

So, you want people to see what the world is like directly through your eyes? Povie, the smartphone necklace mount, is here to make that vision come to life. It can be hard to capture compelling footage from the perspective of the filmmaker and director themselves, so maker Edelkrone created Povie as a smartphone mount that is worn around one’s neck, allowing for simple and seamless shooting of video from one’s own point of view, completely hands-free. Sure, it’s not the most fashion-forward or even accessible wearable gadget, but as a piece of photography gear, Povie is supremely useful. All one has to do in order to start filming a mile a minute is attach a circular clip to the back...
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22 Jul

SoloShot 2 Is Your Own Personal, Robotic Photographer

We could all use a helping hand every now and then – the buddy system is a thing for a reason, after all. This rings especially true for photographers who want to take shots of themselves or execute shots without having to actually be behind a camera. Self-timers are helpful, but they can be pesky and hard to predict. A better solution is SoloShot 2, a robotic device that positions snugly between a camera and tripod that will automatically tilt and pan the camera to not only capture the action, but to follow it in order to achieve autonomous video recording so you’ll get every shot you want. Consisting of a base and waterproof transmitter known as the tag, SoloShot 2...
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21 Jul

7 Summer Video Projects to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

video projects
It’s official - summer is halfway over, meaning a lot of people are probably feeling the summertime blues. The heat and sunburn are getting more intense, and any creative energy is bogged down by the humidity. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of seven summer video projects for every skill level. Whether you do videography professionally and are just looking for a fun way to get your creative juices flowing, or you’re a total newbie to all things video and are looking for some projects to help get you started, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these seven summer video projects and get your summertime mojo back! 1. The Family Tree This twist on a classic home video will...
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