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30 Mar

2D Iconic Video Game Footage With a Drone

When we think back to the emergence of iconic 2D video games like SimCity, Pokemon and Grand Theft Auto, the top down perspective, or birds eye view, radically changed gaming. Running through the virtual city streets and creating towering skyscrapers, the late 1900s and early 2000s was a typical millennials Saturday morning. Fast forward to now and we are using drones to recreate the same video games we played...
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29 Jun

Will the Future of Social Media Be In VR?

VR gaming
The Entertainment Electronic Expo, more colloquially known as E3, recently wrapped up their big bonanza, and arguably the biggest talking point coming out of the annual event was virtual reality and where VR fits in when it comes to the evolution of video games. Most agree – virtual reality is assuredly the future of gaming. One company, Minkonet, is so behind the VR phenomenon that they are prepping to introduce the first ever technology that will enable the live streaming of virtual reality versions of hit video games over social media. “360° virtual reality is the next video gaming platform,” said Peter Kim, founder of the Seoul-based company. Minkonet has developed a software program called Swing that will be released in...
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16 May

Ansel Is a Tool Set to Revolutionize Video Game Photography

video game photography
Whether or not you realize it, video game photography is very much a thing. Not only does it exist, it’s an integral part of developing and marketing video games. As technology continue to evolve, video game footage and graphics have become increasingly more sophisticated, detailed and realistic. A well-made video game can rival films these days, with cinematic cut scenes and footage. The better looking video games have become, the more demand there has been to capture this footage. Artists have started making careers out of shooting artistic photographs (essentially screenshots) inside of video games. Wherever there’s demand, there’s a company bound to make a product in order to give the people what they want. Graphics company NVIDIA is set to popularize in-game...
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19 Dec

Study Shows Parents Object More to Sex Than Violence

Sex and violence have always been in the crosshairs of parents, activists and politicians who seek to shield children from objectionable content in the media. For those who had the privilege of growing up in the 90s, you might remember technologies such as the V-chip and the formation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). The V-chip allowed parents to block TV shows and movies based on ratings, while the ESRB put ratings on video games as a response to sex and violence becoming common themes in that space as well. According to a Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) study, sex in the media is worse than violence to parents. It's ironic that an act responsible for creating life is seen...
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7 Dec

Friendship Moose: World of Warcraft Players Seek to Bring Back a Sense of Community to Online Gaming

I have been an avid World of Warcraft player for nine years. While it wasn't the first online game I've played, it was the first that required a higher level of teamwork than others. One small mistake during a boss fight could lead to instant death. In the earlier iterations of the game, groups could be as large as 40 people and required investing hours of time to complete objectives. In the current expansion, Warlords of Draenor, one can have 10 to 30 people for Normal and Heroic difficulties, and 20 for Mythic (the hardest) difficulty. While the time invested today is significantly less, only the top players can receive the greatest rewards. There is a huge gap between so-called “casual”...
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24 Sep

The Sex-Tech Frontier: What’s Coming To A Nightstand Near You

Let's talk about sex, baby. The sex-tech realm is definitely part of the growing Internet of Things landscape, and it’s no secret that our sex lives have become more and more digitized and quantified. From hi-tech sex toys, sex apps and games, and even smart vibrators, we’ve come a long way in the sexual revolution. And now, the sex-tech landscape is changing faster than ever. Part of this trend is due in large part to advancements in technology, a free-range Internet, tracking devices and the quantification of information. However, another key piece of this lightning-fast metamorphosis can be attributed to anonymous online and social media feedback platforms. Now, product users can give “satisfactory” ratings in real-time through systems embedded directly into...
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3 Aug

Is China the next big video game console market?

The Chinese market has always been attractive to foreign investors—it has the world's fastest growing consumer market and is also the second largest importer of goods after the United States. One of the most popular consumer goods in the world is the video game console. For over 40 years, video game consoles have been a product that has had a presence in homes around the world. The Chinese government banned the sale of video game consoles in 2000 amidst fears of having “adverse effects” on Chinese youth, but the ban only forced Chinese consumers to flock to the gray market to buy video game consoles. A gray market is a market where commodities are traded through legal distribution channels, but are...
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29 Jun

E3 Expo 2015: A Recap Of The Best In Gaming

At this year's E3 Expo, The Electronic Entertainment Expo held in L.A. every June, some of the biggest video game publishers in the business were found promoting their newest games (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, The Division, Halo 5, Yoshi’s Wooly World, and many others), hi-tech gear, and merchandise. This year, however, brought lesser-known indie game creators to the forefront. Photo: E3 2015 Simply put, if you love gaming (more like obsessed), want to meet other gamers, chow down on yummy food, and view amazing presentations - you need to check out E3 at least once in your life. Here’s a video breaking down why you should attend the mega gaming expo next year. For the rest of us who just want to know what’s...
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11 Jun

The Final Straw: Can Mobile Gaming save Nintendo?

The gaming industry left Nintendo behind. Before the global brand’s slow and painful descent, it was a dominant force that actively competed with today’s platforms. The company's solution to turn the business around is mobile gaming. Nintendo, in collaboration with DeNA, announced five unnamed, handheld games by 2017 with the first one to be released this year. Most individuals who are familiar with the brand have high expectations for a Nintendo-backed smartphone game. But is a mobile version of Mario Kart enough to go head-to-head with big titles like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Titans? Nintendo’s New Strategy Many question Nintendo’s growing interest in mobile gaming. While the business model of creating a smartphone game is not anything new, for the company, it is a rare...
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