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15 Mar

Jackie Dives Fights Abortion Stigma With Emotional Portraits

A few weeks ago, Jackie launched the Abortion Series project, where she’ll be profiling a variety of women who have had abortions, and sharing their experiences. The project was inspired by repressive laws against women's rights. “I think this series is both saying to other women ‘We are here. We understand. We support you.’ Jackie said. “And it’s also providing a glimpse into the experience of having an abortion, for those who haven't ever had one, who might need to understand more seriously the impact it has on a woman.” So far, Jackie has only photographed two women, but both portraits are intimate and personal, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come of the project. The portraits are similarly posed: both women...
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22 Oct

Netflix Might Be the First to Make News Binge-Worthy

Get ready to start binge watching the news. After conquering scripted fare and becoming the go-to platform to indulge our easily hooked and addiction-prone brains with scripted fare, Netflix is focusing its magic touch on something that has a bit more immediacy in its DNA – broadcast journalism. In a recent article with Variety, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirms the company’s sincere interest in carving out a Netflix shaped hole in the world of journalism, because a product that has essentially become a legitimate excuse to become a hermit from the outside world is the perfect venue to try to tell people what’s actually going on in said world. In all fairness to Netflix’s newsy aspirations, a televised journalism program isn’t all...
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